Best Way To Send Large Files Over The Internet

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I have been experiencing some trouble sending a group of pictures above 17 MB via my phone. What are the best ways to send large files over the internet?

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Best Way To Send Large Files Over The Internet


With the increase in technology, the need to transfer data from one device to the other has incremented. Statistics govern the rise of various applications that are built to reassign or move data /files from source to destination. Here are a few examples of such applications:

1. XENDER: was the initial name of this application and its basic structure is designed to transfer large files such as photos, various applications and other huge files. It is a mobile-to-mobile transfer and its working principle is of server-client system. Our mobile acts as a server and the destination software acts as a client.

2. WeTransfer:

This is another application that helps sending large files .It is one of the easiest applications to transfer pictures, apps and documents. Unlike XENDER it works online and the user just needs to click on the plus sign and add the email address of the person he/she is willing to send as well as mention his/her own email-id. Along with it, the user can type in a short message. The upgraded version of Wetransfer is Wetransfer plus.


If the user wishes to send files like an entire Television series and movies, he may use ‘sunshine’ application. This app makes sure that the user’s images are transferred with higher resolution along with HD quality audio files.

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