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Dell is trying to recycle all its laptop battries. I don’t know whether they are doing it for mobiles also. Hope they will do for that too. Can you tell when they are going to start recycling ?

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James Belt,


This recycle program is only for Dell laptop batteries and not for mobiles.

The Dell laptop battery recycling programme is started in India to increase the awareness on recycling E-waste. It is launched across all major metopoliton cities and tier-1 cities from June 2012 onwards.

The company will offer a discount of Rs 500 to the user who purchases new Dell Li-ion laptop battery and who will return their non-working Li-ion batteries from Dell Inspiron, XPS and Vostro laptop ranges.

The company says to the media that the program is meant to encourage the consumers on how to dispose non-working laptop batteries in a responsible way, and thus prevent E-waste from entering land fills and there by reducing pollution.

- Charle Faru