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Hi, all I bought a new laptop and wanted my Bandicam software to be transferred and installed to it from my pc. What I did is I transferred the system files of Bandicam to my laptop. When I run it, an error pops up and said that I need to re-download it. So, I uninstalled the program and downloaded it again from its site. I installed it to my laptop, it worked but there’s a watermark on it. Now, I have to put the registration number again but I don’t have it anymore, I could not find it. I purchased the software just two days ago. Can I retrieve the registration number back and have it emailed to me again? Or I’ll buy a new one in order to have a new registration number. Give me some tips and suggestions as I’m such a noob in this one.  

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You paid for BandiCam once already, so you should be able to re-install it and show it again if requisite. As desire as you change the programme wares and the subscription is noneffervescent valid, you should be powdery. Upright variety reliable you make the telecommunicate composer where you purchased it online righteous in someone there's a job.
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Hi Betsy,

Sorry to hear about your problem but it can be easily fixed. As you said you've just recently purchased this software and just lost the serial/registration number.

All you need to do is contact bandcam's support email/website and tell them the whole story.

If you can remember at least where and when you bought it and provide them with your identity, they would most probably retrieve your registration number for you.

Hope this helps.

Waall Mike