Backup Software Alternatives Other Than Symantec Product

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There are several division inside my company that I work for and each division has their own IT policy.
And of the division are using Symantec Backup for backup software from desktop and laptop to the server. I was wondering if there are any other backup software that can be reliable and dependable and cheaper of course.
I was planning to buy a new backup server for it and looking to combine with the backup software for the user to backup their files to the server. Should I stick to Symantec Backup or better to use Windows Backup for it ?
There are going to be around 20 users that will back up their files to the server. The server it self are using Windows 2003 Server. I've heard about SyncBack software too. It seems simple enough but I don’t know if it would be reliable enough compare to Symantec Backup. Have any of you knows the limitations of Symantec Backup ? That would be very useful for me if someone can give me detail descriptions on it and especially how to apply it to both the server ( as host ) and to the workstations ( desktops and laptops )

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Backup Software Alternatives Other Than Symantec Product


There are several backup softwares that matches your description are available out in the market. If considered from Symantec only, there are Backup exec, NetBackup, Norton 360 and Norton Ghost. Among them, Backup Exec is best for server backups and continuous backups. Among other proprietary softwares there is Arkeia Network Backup, which is also a powerful one. Also there is Acronis True Image. This one also support continuous data backup.

If you move on to open source softwares, there are AMANDA and Bacula. AMANDA is more popular and very powerful. It has many features like complete support for Tape and Disc based backup, tape spanning and an intelligent scheduler to optimize resource usage. Only drawback of AMANDA is it doesn’t have any graphical user interface. On other hand, Bacula has many good features too, including a graphical user interface and a full automated backup system.

You can find a complete list of backup softwares in the link below, including link to their Wikipedia description page which contains link to their official website.



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