Avast Antivirus error jamming my video card

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Hi guys,

I am facing a very annoying situation. I want to play one of my favorite games Counter-strike on a particular server and then i

have to quit it for some reason, when i rejoin the server again, I get an error from my antivirus software which is Avast:

After viewing this error my game automatically shuts down. 
This antivirus is jamming my second video card. If I immobilize the firewall the problem ends but somebody please help me.
This problem is blocking everything.
Please help me.
Waiting for your response
Thanks and have a good day
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Avast Antivirus error jamming my video card


This error may be showing because the Avast antivirus sees the counterstrike file as a virus, a spyware or a malware. This being the case its firewall will automatically block it though it may be a few minutes after you start using the program.

The problem should stop by simply opening the Avast program and disabling the firewall.

This may of course make you feel uncomfortable since the firewall is supposed to be part of the security software.

In this case you can just include the file or counter strike itself trusted programs folder.

Just open the program. Go to settings, go to the trusted applications and include the file or browse and click on the file to include it.

Hope this helps.

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