Audio song delete using DOS command

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Hello Techyv Friends, I am having lots of Audio songs in different location in my system, I am using Windows XP and would like to delete all audio files in a single step.

How to do Audio song delete using DOS command without affecting other files.

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Audio song delete using DOS command



Hi there Gabrielleriya,
Batch delete is a really simple thing to do using the Command Prompt, but still – it is NOT recommended unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing. You haven't said what extensions are the files you'd like to remove, so I'll give you an adjustable example how to do a batch delete of all files with the same extension.
Click Start button on your Windows and in Run filed type CMD. Press enter and a console will pop out. By default you are placed in the root of your computer and since you'd like to delete all files in different locations that is a good place to stay.
The command to delete files is rm.
To say you'd like to remove all files, use *.
That means, if you are looking for mp3 files, your line should look like:
rm *.mp3 
Once again – keep in mind that using this line will delete EVERY file with the stated extension, including system files.

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