ATX 2011: 404 Error when Refreshing ERO Application

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Problem: When attempting to refresh the ERO application or Bank Report in ATX 2011 software, you receive the following:

  • Error: The Transmission can’t continue due to a sever error.
  • Error: The Server returned status 404: Not found.

What should i do? Why i encountered server error?

X Connecting to Electronic Filing Center (EFC)

Verifying Customer Info

Receiving Acknowledgments

Disconnecting from EFC


Error The transmission can continue due to a server error. Error The server returned status 404: Not Found.


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ATX 2011: 404 Error when Refreshing ERO Application


Hello Zenith,

The error that you are getting can occur in the event that you have not entered the For the calendar year or other tax year beginning, and ending dates the following format: MM/DD/YYYY on the Data tab of Form 5500.

In order to correct this issue, you will have to re-enter the dates using the MM/DD/YYYY format.

If you do the above and you still get the issue, then the error could be also as a result of high volume peak efile periods.

You should therefore just keep trying and see if you will eventually succeed in efiling or as well downloading the acknowledgements.

Hope this helps.



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