Are warez allowed by adsense?

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Are warez apps allowed by adsense?
Just wondering if I can establish a site wherein warez is the main showcase I am also planning to put adsense there once I get a decent and stable traffic. Is this allowed by adsense? I'm planning to make it as soon as I can.

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Are warez allowed by adsense?


No, the warez website (the web which contains illegal content or has products which is infringing on the legal rights of another) would not pass Google Adsense Policies. Even if you are only linking your site to the other warez site, you will get your account banned too.

That's why, rather you force to add AdSense into your warez website, then your AdSense account get banned forever after that, it's better you use your AdSense on your other site that has no content illegal.

Here are reference site which told that Google use AdSense to stop piracy, or you can go here to see website details which Google AdSense will not accept.

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