Are Paid Anti-Virus Better than its Free Versions?

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Should I stick to using a free anti-virus version or buy a paid version?

I am quite confident with the free version however, I noticed some viruses slip through passing my anti-virus.

Can it  provide more security if I pay for an anti-virus?

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Are Paid Anti-Virus Better than its Free Versions?


Which antivirus is good; free or paid? A debate on this topic is going on long since. From my opinion and knowledge based on different forums and websites, a paid antivirus user typically gets more features like identity theft protection, strong firewalls, parental controls, and advanced system performance tools.

A free antivirus usually provides a bare minimum level of protection. But in case of the malware signature updates maximum security software companies treat their free and paid products the same as far as signature updates are concerned. Although there may be some hidden differences which they don’t reveal.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a free product is you won’t avail any technical support. Almost all security software companies offer some sort of phone support, forum support or e-mail support for paying customers.

Another problem that free antivirus often have is there are some sort of advertisement to buy that company's paid product.

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Are Paid Anti-Virus Better than its Free Versions?


Actually, if anyone who use free anti-virus software, only it's advantages can focus on his mind more.

Because it's made the line between free or paid software that free software you can get free but other if you want to get, you have to pay.

In this reason, even Microsoft can't take any decision to launch any new anti-virus software.

They appreciate also for people, that a preference for free software always bit the paid software. In that case they offer Morro, a free anti-virus system designed to protect consumer PCs.

But it's remarkable that all anti-virus software are not programmed equally. So their something problem can occur when you use free software than paid version.

Some software you can find in the web that have a paid version also besides free version. Paid version has enriched with more protection for your computer than free. But always this problem never occurs.

You can visit this site for more knowing-

Also you can visit – 

Hope you can get resolved.

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