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Apple has just released a pair of security updates for OS X and Safari that fix a few unrelated security problems.

Is it available for all user. Is it free?

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Apple released Mac OS X 10.7.4 which solves the bugs found in fire vault passwords.

Also safari is updated. You can download 10.7.4 from the Apple Menu through software update.

Go through the article and you will find direct links to the download

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Updating your Apple software is free. You just need to have an Apple I.D. to download them. Don’t worry since registering for an Apple I.D. is also free.

It just needs a working email address to send its verification link. You can update your Mac OS X by accessing the Mac App store. This is where the updates are located. Access the Mac App store by clicking Details. Once opened, click update to install. Click restart if the computer needs to reboot.

You can update your safari by going to this website