Apple Event Timed Out Error in iPhoto

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I downloaded updates for iPhoto through the App Store. It started fine and it took me few hours on playing around with my photos. This morning, when I try to open it again, there is nothing written on the screen except for the loading icon. I downloaded iPhoto Library Manager and run it thinking that it can fix the issue. But an error showed up. Please help me in troubleshooting this issue.


Apple event timed out (‘core’/’getd’ (returnId 1) {—- = object specifier: {objectClass = ‘ikwd’;

keyForm = ‘indx’; keyData = ‘abso’($206C6C61$);

Container = (null); rtyp = ‘obj ‘})


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Apple Event Timed Out Error in iPhoto


By looking at your problem and the error message you received, it most probably has occurred owing to corrupt library. You can follow the following processes which should solve the problem

1.   Re-install Iphoto again. If you are having “iLife install disk”, you need to use the same for reinstallation.

2.   If step 1 does not solve the problem or you are not comfortable with step-1, you may try to remove all files (from Receipts/boms folder) with iphoto in the file name and try all over again.

3.   You can create a new account and that might solve the problem as well

4.   Look for the process “MassStorageCamera”, which could be running in the background, kill the process and restart.

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