Anyone help me finding top font for 5233?

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Recently I purchased Nokia 5233 and was wondering if someone could help me to choose top font for 5233? I researched regarding this, but could not come to a decent conclusion. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Anyone help me finding top font for 5233?


Your question seems sort of ambiguous but I have also researched on the same and I am wondering if you want to put your own font on the phone or choose from what Nokia 5233 offers. 

This solution is to regard to changing font; Follow the following steps.

First rename fonts as s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf and S60ZDIGI.ttf.- Your font folder can be different that these .ttf, make sure you rename fonts the same as what is in your Fonts. Some have for instance s60sc_c.ttf, s60tchk_c.ttf, s60zdigi.ttf files.

Secondly connect your mobile phone to PC with a USB and select Mass Storage mode.

Thirdly find folder Resource, and in it folder Fonts. If Fonts doesn’t exist, create it. Then copy those 4 files into Fonts folder.

Lastly restart your phone and you can choose your font.

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