Any Visual FoxPro Header Color Change Sample Code?

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Hello TechyV!

I am looking for Visual FoxPro header color change sample codes. Can anyone please help me? I am using Visual FoxPro version 8 and I am trying to change the color of my grid header but it’s not working. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong? If you have tried this before, then please guide me. If you have a working code, please share and let me know how to use it on my program. Any help from you will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Alicia Gracee

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Any Visual FoxPro Header Color Change Sample Code?


Hello Alicia Gracee,

You can try this to color your grid –  "thisform.Grid1.column1.Header1.BackColor = 255". You can also decorate your grid header by images. Here is the code – "thisform.Grid1.column1.Header1.Picture = "image1.gif". You can change the picture for ascending /descending using above code.

Alternatively, You can color each column by doing this. 

    FOR i = 1 TO thisform.grid1.ColumnCount

        thisform.grid1.Columns(i).header1.backcolor =  RGB(200,0,0)

     END FOR

Hope, this would help you.

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