Antivirus on Android OS Cellphone

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I am new to android. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S. been using it for 2 weeks now and very happy with it. I have seen a few antivirus software available on the market. Should I install those and will I be compromised if I haven’t installed an antivirus for my cellphone. I just use my cellphone for games and calls.

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Antivirus on Android OS Cellphone


Hi there,

If you use your cell phone just for games and calls then I don’t think that you need some kind of antivirus installed in your phone. Antivirus is needed for these reasons

1.       If you are using internet for a long time.

2.       If you has to browse unsecured or untreated website.

3.       Using phone with computer as modem.

4.       Using phone with computer through data cable.

5.       Using phone as memory card reader.

6.       Plug others memory card in your phone.

If you importantly need antivirus then don’t use any of them. Use some one sweet able for your phone and also supported by your phone’s software versions.

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Antivirus on Android OS Cellphone


Hi Mark,

Samsung Galaxy S is a Smartphone that works just like a regular computer. And just the same as when you are installing antivirus to protect your computer from intruders, you need to remember that there are also some intruders who wants to earn money from sending viruses to your Smartphone.

So it is important that we put some protection and start being proactive and install antivirus folder. Lookout is an example of a good antivirus for your Galaxy S. It can be able to keep your device safe from any virus. It can also save your data through the cloud. And can even find your Smartphone when it is lost or stolen. You can download it here.

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