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The computer speed is very slow that it takes a period of time to start the system. If I open a page in the Internet, the antivirus and anti-spyware runs automatically and reboots my hard disk. What action should I take to resolve this? 


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When you first got this computer, if you may notice it would only take a few seconds before the computer and starts running. It's because there are very minimal applications and programs that are stored in your computer. It is advisable that you clean up or do a brief check up on the things you have stored in your computer's memory. 

As a recommendation also to boot up your computer faster, try to increase the RAM and delete unnecessary or unused software, files and folders on your hard disk. With regard to your question how to remove the antivirus or anti-spyware whenever you access the Internet, it will be better if you would temporarily disable it and reactivate when necessary.

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Your security software is a must have for your computer especially if you are using Windows. In addition to all the added startup items, these programs have to load during startup. If you have a complete security suite, it will take much longer to load everything during startup because it has to load all the associated security services. 

This is done during startup however, and not when you open an internet page. If a certain security software only opens when you browse the internet and reboots your machine, it may be a bogus security software and could be an infection itself. I suggest you run a complete system scan on your machine to make sure it's not infected.