ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE APPLICATION,” A must to know for computer users”

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Antivirus software scans your computer viruses and malware, identify them and then eliminates. This method should be understood by everyone who uses the computers and electronics media. Antivirus software applies two approaches to detect the viruses by the following.

  1. By means of “VIRUS DICTIONARY” Antivirus software examines the files to check any known viruses.
  2. It identifies the suspicious behavior of a program that indicates infection.

In “Virus Dictionary” method Author of the anti-virus software has already identified some viruses in its dictionary. Antivirus software examines the file of computer and check in a dictionary of known viruses.

If a code matches with the dictionary of virus, then the antivirus software deletes the file.  Or quarantine to make affected file inaccessible to any programs. That makes the virus unable to spread. Anti Virus also attempts to repair the file by removing the virus.

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