Android Phones more prone to hardware problems

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A study conducted by WDS state that

Android Phones more prone to hardware problems.

Why it is so and which is the better OS.


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Android Phones more prone to hardware problems



Hi there Bryant,

WDS is known for its good marketing for mobile users, or especially to those who need wireless services. WDS is also concerned enlightening customers with the products and services for connected lives wirelessly. On their report which the data analyzed were from July 2010 to August 2011 and there are 600,000 technical support calls examined. The result is:

14% of technical support calls on Android relate to hardware

11% for Windows Phone

7% for iOS

6% for BlackBerry OS.

Having the figures above, we can say that mostly technical support calls are about hardware errors or malfunctions on Android Platform Devices. They (WDS) also stated that the platform (Operating System) has no inherent fault with the hardware.

Possible reasons of having troubles with the Android devices (I assume that for the period of the data gathered) might be the time of Android to get popularity over the mobile computing and it’s starting then and several manufacturers had made customizations for every mobile product they produce with different budgets for productions. We may see devices supporting Android platforms are lesser in prices for some used low-cost materials in creating phones. iOS then has established its name long before and its prices are higher. I can also say that for having such technical support calls, probably, higher volume of users were migrated or at least possess Android phones other than those other platforms mentioned.

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Android Phones more prone to hardware problems


Hello Bryant,

I  am glad that you post your queries here. You had mentioned about the study conducted by WDS that states that Android phones are more prone to hardware problems. I strongly agree with statement because I have read also an article which states also about the recent study which conducts to 600,000 customer support calls and resulted that 14% of this customers are complaining about the hardware problems of there phones. The devices are most complained are Blackberry, iPhone and windows.

The reason for this is that manufacturers of this phones are not careful enough in producing a high quality phone. They should produce high quality android phone. As what I see this are just factory defects because its only 14% which means that the other 86% are not having  hardware problems. I can conclude that this are just factory defects by manufacturers.

I hope I have answered your question.


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Android Phones more prone to hardware problems


Ooops! Bravo response Richard. You guys from ROCK! I want myself to get involve as well so posting a secondary solution just in case users still want some more. Here's a brief study about Android Phones' risk to problems.

A nearly year-long study of 600,000 support calls has found that Android phones are more susceptible to hardware faults than other types of devices.

The study, conducted by WDS, found that 14 percent of all technical support calls for Android devices could be traced to a hardware fault, versus 3.7 percent for RIM BlackBerry, 8 percent for iPhones and 9 percent for Windows Phone 7 devices.

WDS did not disclose how many support calls in general technicians fielded for each platform. The study covered 600,000 support calls from June 2010 to May 2011 and covered Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.

Tim Deluca-Smith, the vice president of marketing for WDS, said that the overall percentages of support calls by platform were difficult to measure. The company refers to those as the "propensity to call," the percentage of devices that would display a problem in any given batch over a 12-month period.

"In this study we have not been able to measure PTC for two reasons," Deluca-Smith said via email. "We would require shipment volumes from all of the carriers/OEMs that were part of the 600,000 calls sampled. Many do not share this information with us. [Second,] We sample only calls we take at our contact centers (principally based in the U.S. and Europe); end-users may have visited their carrier's Web care to resolve an issue. In which case, there was still a problem – but we didn't get to see it."

"In this study, we were only able to use transactions in our direct control and split out hardware failures as part of that," Deluca-Smith added.

WDS attributed the gap in hardware faults to the disparity in OEMs that manufacture Android devices, 35 in all. Android is licensed to OEMs under an open-source license. Microsoft also licenses its Windows Phone OS to other OEMs, while Apple and RIM build their own phones.

Hope this could add.


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