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What are the different alternatives available as a replacement for java for ipad users in the market and to what extent they are effective?

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Dear user,

You can use Puffin Web Browser on your iPad which works great with Javascript. It is the premium version of Puffin.  Puffin Web Browser Version 2.3.2 includes many new things like new style of covers for iPad and iPhone users, increased number of tabs, best app support, etc. Websocket is an another alternative for java.

Thank you.

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Java is most common language that is used on 3 billion computers it is the most common language used today. It is used to connect, run on many remote control apps and even for small robots. So I will not prefer any other language than Java to be used as Java replacement. 

Although Java is one of the most used language today but you can also try Flash for your iPad if your iPad supports Flash. Flash is also supported by many iPad systems and it works perfectly.

Darrel R Gonzale