Alternative PDF reader to Adobe reader

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      I want use an alternative PDF reader to adobe reader. Is it possible to another PDF reader

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Alternative PDF reader to Adobe reader


All right it is feasible to use one more substitute PDF reader to adobe reader. But an adobe reader is better one which I feel. It is much more trustworthy and much love ability for all users. But still if you wish to exercise other one. Free alternative PDF readers to Adobe Reader I am giving some valuable suggestions for any of major operating systems

All users (web-based readers)

Windows users
Apple MacOS users
Linux, BeOS, or *nix variant users

Web-based readers

Thank you very much.

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Alternative PDF reader to Adobe reader


Hello Stomjonson,

There are various PDF readers aside from the most populous adobe reader. The following are some that I have come across:

  • Acrobat Reader- It is more like adobe reader, bearing the same functionalities. The difference may be the size that it occupies of the hard disk. It takes a considerable small size when you compare it to adobe reader.
  • PDF complete- This is mostly used on HP computers. It is very small and infact you install as one of the HP drivers and not an application on its own. If you are using a HP computer I will recommend that you use it to save some space on the hard disk.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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