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Nowadays, due to the advancement in the field of Information Technology all the works have been done through Internet itself. 

Like shopping, trading, marketing, ticket booking (railways, cinemas, etc) even we have some online courses to get our higher degrees. 

Though these sorts of technological is considered to be a great thing, on the other side of these is the real fact which is all the human beings are becoming lazy.

So the advancement in Technology is really a boon or bane to the society?

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It is both a boon and a bane. It depends on how it affects a certain person. Advancement in technology helps us in a way that less time is spent on a particular job and the more scope of work we can do in a given period of time.

I don't think that is laziness. When you buy ticket online, it actually benefits a person a lot rather than going out spend time and money for transportation. You can use the time in doing other things at home or at work.

Laziness is a quality or trait of a  person. It  is not being an effect of this advancement in technology.

It can be a bane if you refuse to adjust to this advancements and be negative about.