Adobe Reader Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close

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Hi people here,

I was at my work place reviewing some guidelines saved in a PDF file, While reading the file using adobe reader, an error message appeared on my screen, the error message tells me, that the application encountered a problem and needs to be closed.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.

On my frustration I click on the options buttons, and adobe reader closed, I  restarted the computer, boot again, and open the file, I was just a minute of reading again the guidelines it stopped again, displaying the same error message, I scan my computer for some virus that might infect the my computer, but no virus was found,

Please help me find a solution to my problem.


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Since you didn’t mention the version of Adobe Reader you’re using. Let me give you several steps you can try if you’re getting: “Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. ”

1. First is you may need to set up the Compatibility option of your Adobe Reader.

Right click on the shortcut icon for Adobe Reader>Properties. Open Compatibility tab and under Compatibility mode, choose Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5).

2. You can also follow these steps in switching Windows users. This works for Windows XP SP2.

Control Panel>User Accounts> Create New User Account> for example (NewName). Then Log off and switch user to NewName, wait until the setup process is done. Start your Adobe Reader and it would with some license agreement screen and it should start fine with error. Then you can switch back to your regular User Name. See if it works.

3. If you got no luck with any of the steps, you need to uninstall and reinstall a new version of Adobe Reader.

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Hello Dinaca,

That error may be due to some corrupt preference settings which are creating on your computer. To fix the issue therefore you will need to try the following:

  • Locate all the Adobe Products on your computer and then uninstall them.
  • After that you will need to delete the files and folders from the following folder location: C:Program filesadobe
  • And then delete the files and folders from the following folder location: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobe
  • After that you will need to increase the Virtual Memory.
  • And then download and install Adobe Reader.

Hope this helps.




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There’s no solution to this actually, I mean, with the program because the problem is really from within the application. You only see that error dialog box because the system detects an error in the program and Windows needs to close it. This error is also different from Adobe Reader’s own error.

When Adobe Reader runs and it detects an error in itself, it will throw an error on your screen. And this error is different from the one you see on your screen. That error came from Windows when it detected a problem and not from Adobe Reader itself. So that’s two different things.

I think the reason why Adobe Reader didn’t detect an error in itself is because it is already not running very well. And when this happens it’s up to Windows if it’ll be able to detect the anomaly or not. Since you were able to open the PDF file but only for a couple of minutes, then there’s probably something conflicting in the system.

Since you already tried checking your computer for any sign of infection and the result is negative, the next thing to do is to reinstall it since you haven’t tried it yet. Uninstall Adobe Reader then restart your computer even if it didn’t ask you to. After booting, go to “C:Program Files” then delete Adobe Reader’s folder if uninstalling it didn’t remove the folder.

Install Adobe Reader again then check if it works this time. For a better result, download the latest version from Adobe Official Website. If reinstalling it didn’t solve the problem, uninstall it again and all Adobe products that are presently installed on your computer. You need to do this because Adobe products somewhat share certain files.

After uninstalling them, restart your computer, go to “C:Program Files” again and delete all Adobe folders that you see. This time, install Adobe Reader first and make sure it is the latest version then check if it is already working. Install the rest of your Adobe products after that.

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