Adobe Flash player could not be found

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Hi techyv people,

I received a call from other department that needs a help on an error message, as I look into the error message, it is referring to adobe flash player.

Adobe Flash player could not be found.

Adobe Flash player could not be


Please insert the path in ‘Preference….-


When I am analysing the error, it really pointing the issue to adobe flash player, so I removed it and download a new version, after downloading I install it again, and restart the computer to get a fresh start, I ask the user to try the application that meet the error, but same error persisted, I already search the internet for a solution, but nothing was found, please share some ideas on my problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Adobe Flash player could not be found



This issue is probably according to flash player. To prevent this issue, just go through the following information, this process is the workaround which is used to fix this issue.

Click on search, choose all files and folders and type flash, click okay, After the search is done, delete all the items found if any,

then download, install and run this totally free yet very efficient registry cleaner Download Link1.

Click on scan and when finished, click repair and close. Download and install Flash player from Download Link2.

When the above process is completed the issue will be fixed.

Hope this will help you.

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Adobe Flash player could not be found


Good day,

Try this ways how to install it properly.

For Windows Internet Explorer:

This may require administrative access to your computer, upon this action please close all the open browser windows. Have the download link to automatically download and be ready to install the Adobe Flash Player. You will see Security warning like a kind of a dialog box, this varies only on your security settings. Click Install tab to install the Active X control.

 Security warning dialog box-install

When installation completed you will be able to see the logo of Adobe Flash Player.

For Windows non – Internet Explorer:

This will also require a administrative access to your computer and prior the installation please close all the open browser windows. Click then the download link. Save the installer when a dialog box will show asking to save it. Wait for a moment for completion of the download. An icon will show up from your desktop, double click this icon.

install adobe flash player window console

After viewing it close open browser windows for the installation to continue. For verifying the version you have at there site. 

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Adobe Flash player could not be found


Compatibility and software issues are held here. You didn't mention the browser that you are using. If Internet Explorer, you must install the latest flash player to, if you cannot access to this one try to install first the Java application to accommodate the situation.

You can download the Java by going to If you are using the Google chrome browser, you can download the latest version through or either go to It has an updated package with flash player that are suitable for your needs. Having the Mozilla Firefox browser needs to install plug-ins to solve this problem.


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