Adobe CS4 stop working after downgrading to CS3

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Hi Techyv readers and experts,

Since my laptop has a fan issue, I bought a portable and affordable MSI U100 net book. I have installed a Windows XP Operating System, I think about Service Pack 2.

It is very important for me to have an Adobe Photoshop installer, and since I have to be savvy when it comes to saving files and saving applications, I downloaded a portable one.

On my other laptop, I have CS3 and since I cannot find CS3, I downloaded CS4 instead. So it worked fine.

However, I noticed that I am not much comfortable using CS4 so I looked further for CS3 portable installer.

I was able to find one though, CS3.exe, but it is not working. Installing it even messed my portable CS4 which was previously working.

Now, it won’t even go to the application. It goes up to the terms and condition, but will not go further when I click on the Accept button. Please help.

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Adobe CS4 stop working after downgrading to CS3


Hello Andrew,

I could be of some help to you with the information I know about your computer.

What seemed to happen when you "downgraded" a version of Photoshop, it lost some of its newer packages and so how was "booted" from the installer process.

It is in the best interest of your operating system not to downgrade on updates, because in doing so you can limit the installation of newer software.

However there is a work around it and I'm glad to help you through it. 

This involves you uninstall all "Adobe Photoshop CSX" programs from your computer: 

1)   Backup all your content (work/projects)

2)   Go ahead an uninstall all your Photoshop programs. (You should have 2 : cs3/cs4)

     – When the Uninstaller asks to remove preferences, make sure you check the box.

3)   Once both programs are removed, verify there are no traces of it in your local drive :

      – Go to your main hard drive where you initially installed Adobe Photoshop: (C:Programs – > Adobe)

      – Right click on any remaining folders that have Photoshop include in its name and delete. 

4)   Go into your start menu and type : "msconfig" 

      – Go into the option which state's "Startup".

      – Uncheck any remaining "Photoshop" applications. Do not however uncheck any Adobe Updater applications.

5)   Reboot System

6)   Go ahead and install a free copy of CS3. 

From there on it will be working hence you removed all traces of Photoshop on your computer. This now acts as a fresh install for Photoshop and it wouldn't know about the previous installs. 

Another method if the steps above are a little out of your control is to do a restore on Windows. Restore your computer before you "installed CS4" and then install CS3.


Samuel Patterson

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Adobe CS4 stop working after downgrading to CS3


Hi Andrew,

You have probably confused your computer by downloading both programs causing your computer to be overwhelmed.

You might want to uninstall one of the programs so that your computer will have more room on the hard drive so that it will run smoother.

And the CS3 program might not be running because it has not been caught up to date.

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Adobe CS4 stop working after downgrading to CS3


Dear Andrew,

1st  remove all the files of your previous cs3 and cs4 .Go to start menu and click "RUN" or Press Windows button + R.

In that box and type—- temp,%temp%,prefetch- one by one and delete this temp files.You can also use "Ccleaner"(which is free software) if you like. Then go to this link.

Download this portable version of cs3.It works fine.

Best regards,


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Adobe CS4 stop working after downgrading to CS3


In this situation, please uninstall all the files and programs of CS3 and then free your local drive from CS3 completely.

Finally you start the installation of CS4. It occurred because of installing the same program but with old and new version.

In such cases, I suggest you to use the latest one because the older programs limit the installation requirement.

After all if you still fail to install CS3, then you may set up Windows once.

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