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I am having issues with the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on my computer. It has an error saying that I have to close the application if it is currently being used. None of the suggestions posted on the different forums online actually work.

I always get this error when viewing a PDF file on any internet browser such as Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox. The same PDF file can be viewed without any problems using another computer's browser. I can also download and view the PDF file locally on the computer. I am stuck. Can somebody share their knowledge on this issue? 

Thank you.

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Sometimes Adobe PDF reader or adobe acrobat reader can’t open a PDF file in a browser. It shows a blank page instead of the PDF. It will show that your browser failed to open PDF file. Try to open the PDF file in the browser in a basic way. Open internet explorer. Click on the file. Then click open. It will open a dialog box. Click on the browse button. In the file type field selects all files. Browse your pdf file, select it, and open it. It will open the PDF file correctly.

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Dear Greg,

You shall open the PDF files on separate Adobe Window by setting your web browser accordingly.

Please follow these steps:

1. Close all web browser first of all,

2. Open Adobe Reader,

3. Click on Edit/Preferences (Ctrl+K),

4. Choose an internet option as per below image,

5. Uncheck the option “Display PDF in browser” and click ok,

6. Start web browser,

7. Select the link of PDF file,

8. The browser will ask you to open or save the file, click open.

You will see a separate Adobe window opened.