Activation process has been terminated for Fable III

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Hi experts,

I have this screen with this message after I fail every time when I want to activate my game FABLE III. I have the original game with an original key and all the time it says that the activation key is not on their database. The key is not working even if I activate the game manually. Can anyone help me please to activate my game? Is there a possibility that the game store cheated me? Thanks!

Fable III – Activation Failed

Activation process has been terminated

The Activation Key was not found in the database. Most likely the Activation Key has been entered incorrectly.

Press BACK to retry activating (please verify the correct input of the Activation Key), or press Cancel to abort.

If the problem persists, please visit our support homepage for possible solutions:

Back Activate manually Cancel

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Activation process has been terminated for Fable III


Fable III is protected by the SecuROM company. To manually activate your copy of Fable III, you will need to prepare your Serial Code and the Unlock Request Code, which you get by clicking on the "Activate Manually" option that appears when activation fails, as in the error screen. By visiting the SecuROM website and entering those two codes, you will generate a special Activation Key, which you will then enter in the installer and activate your product. The steps for doing this are:

1. Write down your Serial Code found at the back of the Fable III manual or in the billing information (if it was bought digitally).

2. Get to the point in the installation process where the activation fails, then click the "Activate manually" button

3. The installer will generate an Unlock Request Code. Write it down, or copy and paste it to a Notepad file. Do not quit the install proces, or you will have to repeat this process all over again.

4. Visit the SecuROM website and scroll halfway down, until you see these two input boxes

5. Type in your Serial Key in the top box and the Unlock Request Code (from the installer) in the bottom one.

6. Click "Generate Unlock Code"

7. Copy that code and now switch back to the installer and input the code you received from the SecuROM website in the box titled "Activation Key".

8. Click "Activate".

Your copy of Fable III is now activated and ready for playing.

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