Abis Sample VB Error Message

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I have installed and using Neurotechnology Biometric SDK 4.2 product version 81229.

However, an error message appeared.

Please help me on this matter.

Thank you!


System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instene of an object. At Neurotec.Samples.LongTaskForm.RunLongTask(String title,DoWorkEventHandler callback, Object arg, Control ctrl) in C:Usersjeff.DOMAIN1DownloadsNeurotec_Biometric_4_2_SDK_2011-12-06Neurotec_Biometric_4_2_SDKSamplesBiometricsVBAbisSampleVBCommonLongTaskForm.vb:line 37 at Neurotec.Saples.Fingers.AddFingerprintsPage.bwCapture_DoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) in C:Usersjeff.DOMAIN1DownloadsNeurotec_Biometric_4_2_SDK_2011-12-06Neurotec_Biometric_4_2_SDKSamplesBiometricsVBAbisSampleVBFingersAddFingerprintsPage.vb:line 1303

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Abis Sample VB Error Message


The problem is about a general programming language that leads to a erroneous system problem that leads to NULL pointer exception. This exception causes a very well defined exception that details that there is an object whose instance has not yet been created but the reference is used to perform the function of the object. The object is the main element of an object oriented programming language.

This language handles Exceptions and that the memory is not allocated to the object. This is not desired for function of an operation on a value that does not at all exists. This is given in the error.

You cannot help with it.



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