.3ds Loader Error on Exporting from Cheetah

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I am using Swift 3d to import 3ds Max files. However, exporting from Cheetah 3d brings up an error. The total polygons I have on my object is 96,000 and I want to know if it's just fine since I am getting the error below. Please help me resolve this.

.3ds loader error!

There is a object with more than 65536 triangles or 65536 points. But the .3ds file format is limited to objects of that size.


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.3ds Loader Error on Exporting from Cheetah


I don’t think there is a workaround to this because you are exporting a file between two different applications. Yes, it is possible but of course with limitations. If Cheetah allows a user to create polygons as many as 96,000, like in your case, it may not be the same when comes to 3ds Max. When you export from Cheetah to 3ds Max, it will eventually use the 3ds file format.

But unfortunately, the 3ds file format is limited only to 65,536 polygons or 65,536 points and your file is really way beyond this value. What you can do right now is to fix your file first before exporting to 3ds Max. Edit your file again using Cheetah and lower down the number of polygons to the allowed value of 3ds Max.

When you are finished, save the file and try exporting it again.

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