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Apple is commencing to release a High-Definition Television set. Does this HD TV support network and internet connectivity? Does it have a full control on multimedia and online applications?

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Yes, Apple HD TV HD TV support network and internet connectivity, Moreover it is all about connectivity.

Apple TV is a small box that can feet in you hand that broadcasts interactive content on your big screen TV, your iTunes content, YouTube and others. with HD quality up to 1080p.

Once connected to internet (through either 10/100BASE-T Ethernet or 10/100BASE-T Ethernet), you will have access to a large numbre of movies, photos, itunes content, and all media in your icloud sapce.

the Apple TV introduce also the AirPlay, this featur allow you to wirelessly stream content from your iOS device on your HDTV hence you can watch a movie or listen to music that are stored in you iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.

You can also see on widscreen everything that appears on your mobile screen. pictures, Movies, and the best thinks is that you can play a game on your phone a watch it on big screen.

Thanks you

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Hi Tomas Osborne,

When we talk about Apple, we can just say one word that is “AMAZING”. Every latest product of apple is revolutionary and better than previous one. In market of television, Apple has already launched a device named Apple TV. This little device can connect your apple device with HD TV and can get online music and videos from ITunes for your HD TV. Now it is in the air that apple is going to launch a full HD TV in 4Q 2012 expected to be named as “IPannel”. Some sources claimed that apple will start production of 5 million sets from next month.

This new HD TV of apple will not only be a simple TV. It will be a gaming center, home automator and media center. One step ahead from previous TV device, it will have full internet connectivity and would be able to manage your media with icloud.

Apple will use latest IGZO technology of sharp in this HD TV.

So if you can wait, then hopefully you will get a amazing device.