171. How Do iphone Touch Screens Work On A Tap Of The Finger?

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I have been wondering for a while that even iPhone being the most expensive of all the smartphones does not allow the screen to answer on the touch of a glove. The touchscreen works only when the skin is touched. I wonder, how do iPhone touch screens work?

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171. How Do iphone Touch Screens Work On A Tap Of The Finger?


The screen of all the mobile phones works in almost a similar manner. And so, most people think that it is just a glass covering on the top of an LCD. But, it is not the case.

The screen consists of a sequence of tiny layers that gives the iPhone its interactive screen properties. The below diagram will make you aware of what you can’t see with your naked eyes.

The technology used is the mutual capacitance and involves two layers, the driving and the sensing layer. The driving lines and the sensing lines provide and detect the current respectively.

The insulating shield stops the current from interacting with other coordinates.

The natural capacitance stored in the human body is what enables us to control the iPhone with the touch of our naked fingers. However, materials like gloves are non-conducting and so; they cannot interact with the touch screen.

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