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Is there Helical gearing system available? Which operating system and how many disk spaces are required in G27 Racing Wheel? How many USB port is needed to integrate this? Which platform compatibility is required? Which software is required for G27 Racing Wheel? Is there any indicator panel? How many paddle shifters are there? Thank You

Hello, I want to get some news about IoT Starter Kit – Ethernet Edition, Which company is developing this? Which processor and capacity of RAM are used to do this? What is the major goal of the project? What are cloud platform service tools and real-time data visualization tool? Thank You

Hello, I am getting confused between Micromax Yu and Gionee M2, because they have used two different software technologies. Which battery is used for both? Is Cyanogen OS better than Android v4.2 Jelly Bean? Please describe the Camera’s technology for both. Can I record HD videos by using a camera? Which processor is used for both? Thank You


I want to purchase a new digital camera that I will use for out of town. I’ll go for scuba diving. Is Canon PowerShot D30 perfect for my diving adventures? How much is it? Is it bundled with software like Adobe Photoshop? How deep this camera can go? What is the maximum pixel size and picture-capture size? How far can it capture image? Does it include docking station for charging? Does it include usb connectors? Is there any SD slots? Is it plug and play device that doesn’t need to install software?


I want to buy a new handheld phone. I am thinking of buying Samsung’s Curved Screen Smart Phone. How the screen was curved? How much will it cost? What are the peripherals included in this phone? Does it support SIM cards? Dual SIMs? What do you mean by Super AMOLED? What are the specifications? What are the software bundled with this smartphone? Please expound Snap Note? Where can I use it and how beneficial is it?

I would like to know how Nintendo 64 game console and that of Play Station 3 come about. What are the common features between these two brands? What are the trends be taken by Nintendo games that make them promising from Play Station games and what can Nintendo Games also learn from Play Station 3 game console to improve their possible chance of taken over the world of Video games?

Thank you.


I would like to purchase a 3D printer. How much Solidoodle Press 3D Printer cost? How to install it with any computer? What are the ports available to connect it with my computer? What are the peripherals included? What are the system requirements to make this device work? How to achieve the 3D figure? What are the materials used? Can I used this to IBM formatted computer and Apple/Mac? What are the multimedia software included?


I am thinking of buying iWatch. I am thinking of downsizing my budget. If I will purchase LG G Watch R how much does it cost? Does it have same feature what iWatch have? What are the benefits of using this? Is it easier to use? What are the material composition of this watch? Is it good for outdoor activities? Will it degrade if it will be exposed to water or rain? Is it shock proof?


I would like to purchase a device that can be used for motorcycles. I will give this as a gift. I want to know about Garmin Zumo 220. What is the benefits of using it? Does it comes with battery? How long does it takes before it drains? Does it has any port or connectors that we can connect to our motors? For this GPS device, upon arriving can I connect it to my computer and check the itineraries or where the motor went?

Hello Ladies and Gents!

My friends are planning to conduct another small expedition in a country. We usually face the problems on loosing and having batteries empty. Since we can’t stop taking pictures. I want to know how PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator works? How long does it take to recharge a smartphone? Does it includes with burner and wires? What are the types of wires that we can use? Can I just purchase it to any retail or local stores? How much does it cost to have the complete generator? What are the materials used to create this device?