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I am using ProTools Software because it is the king of audio recording software.

But recently I have affected by DAE 9035 error and can't find the cause of this. 

So,How can I perform  Protools corrupt header fix and restore it's normal condition as early as possible. 

Please help me anyone .

I have an Intel GMA 495 graphic chip on my laptop and I am experiencing troubles with HD video playback on it using Linux, while on Windows everything works fine. I have the most update version of drivers and X.org. Are there any opportunities for fine-tuning the video player to improve the performance?

What kind of websites are asp.NET best used for in the web applications world and what are its best functioning and effective skills?

How can I upgrade my net book from windows starter to Ultimate without paying? Because it is hard for me to work on it most especially, I don't have a MS Power Point here and my MS Excel and MS Word are also a starter. Thank you

Im making a flashmovie cartoon. Everything has worked fine. Begun on a new scene today and when i hit cmd enter (play) i get: "Application descriptor file cannot be parsed." what? I don't even know what that means? What to do? What is the Application Descriptor? What is parsed? I'm so lost...

Hello expert, I have downloaded and installed CIA commander 1.0 on my PC. But still I am getting more errors while using the CIA commander boot. Please can you monitor me how to make CIA commander boot?

Hello expert, I remember that my friend told me about qvod resource downloader. So I think it id a better downloader than the others. So please can you explain me the features of qvod resource downloader?

Hi , I need to evaluate forms in PHP codes. But I don’t know how to do it. Please can you give me a excellent instruction on evaluation form in PHP codes? Thank you.

Hello Techyv users,

Recently I have heard about index of upskirt. Is there any technical word like index of upskirt. If there is a word like this what is the meaning of it and where and when this term is used. If this is not a technical question than ignore this.

Hello Techyv users,

Please provide me link to best wordpress blogs for business. I have a small online business and need few useful tips to expend this business. Please provide the blogs which are useful for small business owners.