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Internet speed is too slow. Sometime device take so many time for online.please tell me want should i do?

I tried to set a pin to lock and unlock my Droid 4. It is asking for a PUK code, which I am not familiar with. And my phone is now locked.

Hi. I would like to try the VoIP. Is there any site where I can download it free and can you please help me how to use it step by step? And what are the tools needed for this? Do I need to have a Avaya phone?

For someone that needs a Content Management System(CMS) that is easy to manage and create your shopping center. What is the best choice for an starter of using a certain CMS and tell me why?


I downloaded a PDF file from a website through my android phone and it set in screen color reader RGB
but when I open the file it shows as CMYK PDF and the file I download cannot be open. How to resolve this kind of problem?

What do you call a pointer in C that is an object member functions have access to a self pointer? I need a help with this.


I have tried several methods using software in  converting from PDF to word but every software is worthless. If there any mathematical symbol on PDF no software can make it 100% accurate.

Can you tell me,  which method  can make flexible in converting  PDF to word is easy automatically with 100% accuracy?

FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during startup. This could happen due to invalid configuration, I got an error on my production server

How does an xbox console detect if it has been modified that caused it to be automatically banned when connecting to the Internet?

What hosting company offers cheap but reliable hosting service? I have a rent-a-car business and wants to expand my market through a website. Now, I want to get a domain name and a hosting company for my website that is cheap at the same time reliable in its service. I have read about those known hosting companies but I don't want to spend much money yet since I am just giving it a try. My domain name plus hosting budget is $ 20- $30.