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FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during startup. This could happen due to invalid configuration, I got an error on my production server

How does an xbox console detect if it has been modified that caused it to be automatically banned when connecting to the Internet?

What hosting company offers cheap but reliable hosting service? I have a rent-a-car business and wants to expand my market through a website. Now, I want to get a domain name and a hosting company for my website that is cheap at the same time reliable in its service. I have read about those known hosting companies but I don't want to spend much money yet since I am just giving it a try. My domain name plus hosting budget is $ 20- $30.

The timing is completely awful, was working the next day couldn't access web, couldn't do a disk frag few days ago. I tried system restore w/ error 0x80042302, if I R click on cmd prompt it just runs 4ever so I can't run the sfc scan it says need admin priv,

I know that the cloud computing services provide platform as a service. But I don't understand how this model can create consumer software using tools and how it manage servers and storage. Please let me know anyone because I want to create a software using this model. Thanks

I have installed the Revit architectural drawing application safely from a downloaded installation file . But the wizard asked me to use metric or imperial measurement units as default . What should I choose for this Revit brain ? Please help me any one . Advance thanks .


I am using ProTools Software because it is the king of audio recording software.

But recently I have affected by DAE 9035 error and can't find the cause of this. 

So,How can I perform  Protools corrupt header fix and restore it's normal condition as early as possible. 

Please help me anyone .

I have an Intel GMA 495 graphic chip on my laptop and I am experiencing troubles with HD video playback on it using Linux, while on Windows everything works fine. I have the most update version of drivers and X.org. Are there any opportunities for fine-tuning the video player to improve the performance?

What kind of websites are asp.NET best used for in the web applications world and what are its best functioning and effective skills?

How can I upgrade my net book from windows starter to Ultimate without paying? Because it is hard for me to work on it most especially, I don't have a MS Power Point here and my MS Excel and MS Word are also a starter. Thank you