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I'm halfway through xp installation and i deleted the registry keys for mouse and keyboard i think by accident. How can i repair the registry at this point so i can finish the xp installation

Many people are having problem with their battery. Some of them say that their battery is drained for no reason. What are the tips and tricks to make battery last longer? What are the best battery saving apps? Do they really work? What kind of programming is done in those apps to save battery?

Recently, I have started posting some articles in my new blog. Actually, I'm new to blogging. How can I make my blog to show up on Google? How can I apply ads in my blog? I'm on blogger. What other things can I do in order to make my blog popular?

Is there a way to add more memory to the consoles? I want to add some memory to PS3 and get something out of it and this is one of my projects. Also include if it is legal to do so. Will we ever get the chance to assemble the consoles at a retailer's and pay accordingly?

PS4 was released a year back. PS4 is the King of consoles as reviewed by the owners of various consoles. What apps are available on the PS4? I know that PS4 is a gaming system but what kinds of apps are available on it? Is PS4 a platform like Android where we can install many apps by downloading online?

It's not a matter of laughter since the XBOX ONE has Skype but PS4 hasn't. XBOX ONE has Skype since Skype and XBOX both are owned by Microsoft. Will Skype ever come to PS4? What are the developers doing in order to bring Skype onto the PS4? What features will be unlocked after the arrival of Microsoft's application on PS4?