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What are hardware requirements needed for this? What are the new plugins available there? Describe the system requirement of FL Studio 11. Can FL Studio 11 produce Live music performance? Is there any multitrack audio recording function ability? Is FL Studio 11 multi touch supported? Which port is used there? Thank You

Is it mandatory to install Windows 10 to get facility of the Project Spartan web browser? How many times should take to set up this browser? Can this run on any smart phone except Windows Phone? Can I draw with this new browser? What is the “Web Note” feature available here? Can I edit webpage to use this browser? Thank You

What are main areas included in Kinect Windows Sensor? Has Kinect Windows Sensor those features such as Clicker-free presentation scenarios, more dynamic simulation and training solutions, up-close interactions? Want to know about skeletal tracking in Kinect Windows Sensor. Can I integrate Kinect for Windows into the OS for experimentation? Thank you

Are Palm OS and Garnet OS similar? Is it only mobile operating system? Which language is used to develop this? What is the latest version is released of Palm OS? What is Graffiti 2? Is there any Serial port/USB and WI-FI facility? Is there any bug to new released Palm OS version? Thank You

I have lots of email in my Outlook Express inbox. I compacted my email folder and saw inbox corrupted. I think .dbx files got corrupted. I tried to restore backup file, but Outlook Express was unable to show any email in my Inbox folder. Is it possible to fix corrupted *.dbx files manually? Thank You

Hello, I am trying to find out something about HP’s new operating system Linux++, but I have found actually very little, so please answer following questions.
What is the purpose of HP for developing Linux++ operating System? What is the difference between Linux OS and Linux++ OS? Please describe about hardware sight. Thank You

How does RAID actually work? What is Parity and hybrid RAID? What are RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6 and how did they work? Is the nested RAID and hybrid RAID same? How can software RAID be implemented? What are the weaknesses In RAID? Thank You

What is Network Interface Card’s (NIC) primary contribution? Can this attach with USB adapter? How to use this in Ethernet connection? Is this used to connect wireless connection? What is Status Indication light? Can I establish Fax machine through the Network Interface Card? What is RJ45 port in Network Interface Card? Thank You

I would like to purchase a new home theater system. Can you provide me some information about Harman/Kardon BDS 770. What are the best features of this system? How much is it in the market now? What are the video formats supported? What is video signal system for this theater system? Does it support AM and FM tuning? What do you mean by The Bridge IIIP? What is EzSet/EQ auto calibration? Does it support HDMI connection? Does it support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection? What is the power consumption and requirements? Please provide me response, thank you!

Is it only developed on ribbon-style interface or added new function here? Is there added any zooming option? Is there any development on selection area? Can there include extra brush facility? Can I save images all graphic formats or Can I email them? Is there any difference in formal color patterns? Thank You