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What are the steps to follow to determine the VGA of tablet? I just received an android tablet from a friend as a birthday gift but it did not come with the box or its package. I just received the tablet only. How and what steps do I take to know the VGA of the tablet? Thank you.

What are the steps to follow to service a compressor? I bought a compressor for a little sound production and engineering in my room and for some time now, I have realized that the device has caught up with a little dust. I would need a professional assistance as to where and how to open and clean to avoid any damage. Thank you.

What are the functions and importance of a laptop keyboard protector? I would like to know technically the importance of a keyboard protector? I went to town with a friend a couple of weeks ago to buy some cables for networking. It was at that shop I saw a keyboard protector and ever since then I have being trying to seek solutions and answers for my quest. I would be very happy if you can assist me in finding answers for these quest. I am Philip and I am ten years old. Thank you.

Which product would you recommend for one as the number one product use for cleaning laptops and desktop computers, tablets and smart phones and all general electronic gadgets? Why that product and not any other? What makes it technically special that the other products? My name is James from Cameron. Thank you.

What expert advise will you give one who do have in mind and is also in the process of programming a software to enhance musician and singers in their daily rehearsals and also their daily lifestyle as a whole? I am Andrew and a young programmer in the second year software engineering class. Thank you.

What are the procedures to follow in detail to change or replace ones phone number with a new one on the WhatsApp platform? I would like to know if it is possible to switch my current WhatsApp registered number with another network number. I have a new phone and I don’t want to loose my contacts on the old phone but want to use the old contacts and their conversations right on the new phone. I hope my question is clear? Thank you.

What are the significant features of a FLV Player? What are the technical functions of a FLV player on the computer and on the internet? What advantage do FLV Players have over other players used on the internet? Can you please provide me every information worth to be a solution to these questions bothering my mind. Priscilla is my name from Kenya in East Africa. Thank you.

What are the factors contributing to the growth of Facebook Users in recent times? What is Facebook doing better than the other Social media platforms and sites? What are the distinct features of the Facebook Application Software as compared to other social media platform? Cassandra is my name. I am 15 year of age. Thank you.

What are the basics and detailed procedures in conducting a professional online audio live streaming? What are the gadgets that one would need in fulfilling such task? What are the difficulties or challenges surrounding the streaming of an audio signal live on the internet? My name is Jason from Ghana. I would like to stream a seminar presentation live on the internet for a friend of mine who cannot make for the training due to some personal challenges. Thank you.

A friend of mine gave me Core 2 Duo laptop and Dual-Core laptop to choose from. Which of these two computers would you prefer or recommend for me in terms of high performance? Can the performance of any of these computers be determined the architecture of Operating System installed on the Computer?