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Today I have to make  ten different  sets of questions.  I tried on Google. There are no such site for questions. So anybody please help me, where I can found questions for basic operation of computer. 

Thank you in advance.

When I reinstall my PC , the truck simulator offers me to buy the demo instead of showing my credit card info. Will I lose truck manager simulation file for reinstalling my PC  or for exchanging new computer components?

I need to download free  vss writer download windows xp Files at Software Informer - PowerDVD SE is better DVD decoder for your Windows Media Player ..Tis is the finest writer in windows xp.


I am facing a problem that couldn't be solved. I was solving some vectors mathematics corel draw. But meanwhile l couldn't find a way to import it in graphically. How can i import it? advance thanks .

I need to download the price range slider. The jQuery UI Slider plug-in makes selected elements into sliders. There are various options such as multiple handles, and ranges. The handle can be moved with the mouse or the arrow keys.

Hi experts

It is known to me that PL/1 was the most complicated programming. I need to know about its compatibility with windows xp. Is there any pl 1 compiler windows xp link been possible yet.

Hi everybody

I want to download crash time 4 textures only. Is there any way to download the textures only. I haven't any idea of that. If anyone has I would be grateful.

What is xml publisher? How does xml publisher work in open office? Is it only used to format a report or article? Is it possible to create an email alert for xml publisher for open office?

What is Samsung’s widget timer? How can I install it on my Samsung Galaxy phone? Is this application is freely available on the web or I have to buy it?

What is a file manager application for iPhone? Also I need this file manager application on my iPhone to be locked to protect my files, videos and other important documents from other users of my phone? Can anyone tell me the process of this?