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I have a few wim images for our desktops. Wim  images were captured with imagex. How could i convert these wim images to iso images so that i could boot them up with vmware player for testing purposes?

Hi I am a newcomer about VBA. I am learning about it. I want to know about the rules for vba FTP special character in ASCII. Can anyone help me?

I am pretty new to the Zend framework and the JQuery helper. I want to set up Zend Ajax combo on my computer. Can anyone help me?

Hi I am learning about visual basic. Visual Basic is designed to be relatively easy to learn and use. I am facing some problem during run any vb project. I need a vb dec to hex converter. Can anyone help me?

Hi everyone, I am going to give a new Samsung galaxy s5 mobile phone to my brother. But I need to know Samsung galaxy s5 info . Where I can get that?

Hi everyone, I'm using an Android phone, model Samsung Galaxy S. Can I use rhapsody tablet apk on my phone ? If yes, then where I can get it and how ?


I have faced some problem using RuneScape Dice Calculator which is given in online. When 10000d10 is entered in a RuneScape Dice Calculator it hangs my browser. I am not sure about the limit of a RuneScape Dice calculator.

How can I calculate the probability more than 100d20 or higher? Can you please answer me?

I want to replace my gaming mouse with a Gamepad for better gaming performance in non-shooter games. Which standard should I go for ? Handling mouse is sometimes difficult so I want to replace it with a Gamepad. Can you suggest some good Game pad ?

I would like to know where I can get an enhanced version used in Secret Monkey Island (cd-version). Is there a site that contains the Monkey Island GUI?

Is there a way to play Hay Day on a laptop? I love playing Hay Day on my iPhone 4 and I'd like to enjoy this on my laptop as well. I've recently bought a new 11-inch ASUS Vivo Book touch screen. Can I play Hay Day on my laptop?