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What do I stand to benefit as an android app developer in the Smartphone world? I am a green Android application developer and I love to develop phone applications for Smartphone users. I want to develop applications for Android phone users. Am I making a mistake if I tread on that path?

I am looking to hire an admin person remotely. I would like to have them login to my windows 8 machine and work on a separate user account. I would like us both to be able to work concurrently and ideally I would like to limit access to only certain applications and only certain directories. I am a little overwhelmed with the wide array of options, from free logmein or teamviewer style VPNs to windows own remote desktop to virtual desktop solutions. Could someone maybe help me make sense of what software I should consider to achieve this, my budget would be around $2000. However if there is a free or cheap solution all the better. I would like a detailed report of the options, an easy to understand summary, and a step by step tutorial on how to setup the solution(s).

Want help in order to transfer 1 GB video from one city to another. Please suggest any idea to achieve this in minimum time as Team viewer takes more time.

My computer says I can not run OneDrive because it is Blocked by the Sytem Admin. This is a home computer. What do I do

Many years ago there used to be a DOS utility called vcopy which was similar to the DOS copy command but allowed you to copy files and overwrite existing files with the same name only if the files being copied were newer datewise. Is there any similar utility now in windows ?

Hello everybody,

I am having Nokia E71 mobile and I like it so much. I was having the Google Voice Search application in it. Suddenly, somehow I lost it and I searched but unable to find it. I would like to install the application again.

How can I install that one into my mobile? Please kindly advise. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.


Recently I have purchased cannon EOS 7D. It is not turning on even though it is fully charged . I bought 3 batteries as someone suggested that this is due to battery issue. But that didn't work. Even when it is turned off  it is showing empty signal flashes. Guys, Please help me figure out these . Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have been using this mobile for a long period of time. I have a question concerning the editing of PDF files. I have a class project that I wanted to edit some few things but it is in form of PDF. So I installed Adobe Acrobat, problem is whenever I try to open the document I get an error. My mobile phone PDF conversation does not work. Can anyone help?

How can I create a Mac OS X (10.9.3) Automator script or workflow that will allow me to open MS Word (2004) files (.doc) and save them as MS Word (2011) files? I have perhaps several thousand files in many different folders. Is there a way to drag a folder onto some window and tell it to open them all or one at a time and save them as .docx files? I've been working for hours and still have thousands to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Frank

Despite numerous attempts I cannot download apache open office I always receive an International error code 2908 (F9CA2E00-7476-DD4D-8C20-223A2A9F8981