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I want to create a very attractive DVD cover. I have tried with the easy DVD/CD cover creator.

But it carped.

Please give me command the best alternative way.



I am trying to build Abiword using visual studio 2010. But a very number of errors occurred. Can anyone solve this for me.

Thank you.

Hi all experts,

I am working on a project on my college website, where I have to update daily to daily activities happening in college.

Can anyone help me out or suggest me some online tutorial that would work as a project analyzer.

I am working on PHP language.

I bought this PC game Stay Tuned for Danger. However, it doesn't include the steps on how to play this.

I need your ideas to give me a step by step demonstration for this.

Thank you.

I used AX to export data to text file. However, when I exported, it comes with double quotation "Assets". This is very annoying to me. Please help me on how to fix this. I want the data exported without the double quotation. Thank you.

Hi there everyone!

I have issue encountered. It’s about my angry birds Brazil download. I’ve been encountering errors installing it on my PC. Is there any ways to correct this error? Thanks in advance.

Hello experts,

I am sharing photos of my friends. I have installed Acer all share software. But this time it doesn't reach for them.Why? Can I have a solution please?

Thank you


I need to export discussion of Microsoft Access to Google earth. Does anyone can help me to export  this to Google earth. I need it with little urgency.



I have downloaded an access soccer statistics database of various club's players. After downloading some of information is not visible here. Why ? What mistake has occurred that some feature does not support?

Hi everyone,

I love the slide show. I want to see my images as a slide show. Can I watch it with the help of PHP swipe images. If there is a way please let me know.