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Hi everybody

I want to download crash time 4 textures only. Is there any way to download the textures only. I haven't any idea of that. If anyone has I would be grateful.

What is xml publisher? How does xml publisher work in open office? Is it only used to format a report or article? Is it possible to create an email alert for xml publisher for open office?

What is Samsung’s widget timer? How can I install it on my Samsung Galaxy phone? Is this application is freely available on the web or I have to buy it?

What is a file manager application for iPhone? Also I need this file manager application on my iPhone to be locked to protect my files, videos and other important documents from other users of my phone? Can anyone tell me the process of this?


Please help me somebody in writing content on topic "New Tech Generation of United States of America" I've to Write 600 pages please help me in completing my Project so that i can submit my project on time and become the winner in my University.

Please help me ASAP......!

Thanks in Advance.


I want to know about article and press release directory. What’s the difference between article and press release? Are they effective for marketing? Please let me know.

Thank you.

I need someone to recommend me some good websites that can provide me with some high quality office 2010 covers dvd. Please answer fast if you have any suggestions.

Hi experts

I need a space ship design for my little game.Can you make it 48x24 size with golden color. I need it in sprite sheet. Can you give me sprite sheet space ship with the requirement mentioned above please.

I am a job seeker. I need to post my Resume/CV on a certain job portal on the web where employers can view thus, increasing my chance of getting the best job.

However, upon browsing on the web, I have found a great number of free templates available. Now my question is, how can I chose an effective job portal template that will expose  me to the most number of viewing employers? Any tips, strategies or techniques?

Thank you

Hi everyone

My computer keyboard make sound when its button is being pressed. It is not a interesting thing. So I want to disable sound of buttons being pressed. How can i do that?