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Hi, Can I obtain numerous playing card PowerPoint templates for free. And will support in all Microsoft office versions. So where it is free to have a playing card PowerPoint template?

Hi, For blogging I need templates of Microsoft  word. I need to manage my blog content. So where can I get reliable template for free? Thanks


I want to start blogging with my free article without logging in France websites. I need to know the most reputed websites for this purpose. Need suggestion on this.



I got a problem with my subtitles. I got a new comp on Windows 7. 

Like another guy my subtitles are appearing as some kind of Chinese dialect.

You explained to him how to fix it, but on Windows 7 is different and can't find the thing I need the change.

Please help me

Hi experts,

I have created a new website but the amount of visitor for this page is very poor .I know the way to gather visitor named off page seo, but I don't know the methods and benefits. Please anyone inform me about off page activity benefits?

Hi guys,

I've installed new avid. It has been making great noise that extreme sound like a crush between demons and drill machine. After having a great try , it can't be fixed.Please tell me  how  to fix demon voice in avid?

Hi there! My kid just got his laptop and he'll be bringing it on our flight. He likes to play online games. Is there a way to play game laptop offline? Would appreciate it very much . Thanks.

Hi there! I''ve started my own business. I'm now on marketing stage. I've heard of a small business commerce association. Do they advertise? At the same time do they program software that would be useful for my business. Thanks.

Hi, I adhere applied the equation object editor in Word 2007 beta with VBA.

Now is it possible in excel 2010?

I tested to paste in excel but it doesn't work.

Hi there! I'm working on my so called engineering software and would like to incorporate bash. Does bash convert engineering number? Just want to be sure first before using it. Thanks.