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Hi, I have a newly created website about my business and I like to know if can twitter help website ranking , if it can help how can  I be sure that it is accurate?and if it can modify the exact ranking of website what is the proof that it is true?

Hi everyone,

I have downloaded transformers font for the English language. But it creates some problem. I want to uninstall it but it can't be uninstalled. I want to report an error to transformer font creator online. And need to know how can I solve the problem.

I read some article about forex news wordpress themes, according to what I read, it is now free to download, I am happy to know that because I used wordpress in designing a website and blog to make it beautiful and attractive that catch up the attention of the viewer. My question is how can I know that those wordpress themes that I will download from the other website that offer it free is safe and doesn't contain virus that can harm my computer.


Is there any way to create a virtual drive using sftp on dlink 320? If so How can i create that drive? Please give me details if you can I am very interested on this.


I have found that there is a newer version of Quran VB 2008 (Quran VB-2010) is available, 

I will download it even though I need to know is there any online version available too that,

I can listen or watch it when I am traveling?


I have project to complete by next Friday, it is about HTML reporting using CSS, now I need some html report template using CSS in order to get help for my project.

Can anyone help me about this?

Hey experts,

Is there any way of getting drivers of lost unknown toshiba devices? I am searching for toshiba unknown drivers download. Can you help me. If you know about that please help me.

Hi, I used to build small website using HTML 4 and 5. I heard about Wordpress from one of my friend but don’t have any idea about how it works, is it different from HTML or I will need these knowledge too?


Serious sam is a favourite gamming series to me. But now serious sam 3 cannot sense gamepad. I have found it difficult to play serious sam 3 without gamepad. If anyone know how to solve this problem please show me the way.


I have a few wim images for our desktops. Wim  images were captured with imagex. How could i convert these wim images to iso images so that i could boot them up with vmware player for testing purposes?