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How does Key Lock Technology work? Is there a USB receiver stores? How many receiver stores are available? How is its battery function? Is any driver required to set this up? Is it compatible with PCMac and netbook? Can I use this wirelessly? How does a laser printer work? Is there any battery charging facility? What happened if I pressed non-essential buttons? How long distance can operate Wireless technology? How many colors available in market? Describe it dimension, weight and How it’s comfort from another? Thank you

Has this projector auto power saving function? What is the dimension available? What is 3LCD display system in it? What are the connectors available on it? Is there USB type C port? How is it different from Sony VPL SX235 LCD Projector? Describe about its light output. How is it Life of Lamp capacity? How is its audio output system? What is the actual resolution on it? Can I adjust the resolution? Describe about its Projector Lens. Have these any additional features? Thank You

Is RCA connector and Phono connector similar? Is it coaxial type cable? How RCA connector is different from USB connector? Give me a brief information about its origin. What is 5-pin din connector? What is “Phono input”? Where is it used? How is “Phono input” important in Dj Mixer? Give me an idea about its color coding concept? What does purple color code work in it? Can I use this Xbox 360? What are the disadvantages in RCA CONNECTOR? Thank You

What is Augmented reality (AR), Optical head-mounted display (OHMD)? Has Google glass able to take photo and video recording? What is LCoS panel in it? Where is touchpad located in Google glass? Is Google glass application an open source? What is the third party applications included in Google glass? How does Mirror API work? Can Google glass share social network such as Facebook, Twitter? What is Google’s My Glass? How does voice activation work in Google glass? Thank You

How can I get facility by using Disaster recovery or why it’s important? When did it develop? What is Recovery as a Service' (RaaS)? Describe about the category of disaster? How it’s important for IT companies? What are DRP and BCP? How is DRP and BCP important IT or Non-IT related aspect? Describe about “IT disaster recovery control measures”. How does cost-benefit analysis? What is disk protection technology? What are common strategies for data protection? Thank You

How is battery life in KDE Plasma 5.3? What is different power management plan available there? How does Battery monitor applet work? What is Cinema mode and why is this needed? How to change on Keyboard button, brightness? How to improve Bluetooth functionality? Are Bluetooth function improved for battery management? What is change in application menu? What is Plasmoids and how it’s developed? What is ObexFTP listing in Plasma 5.3? What’s a new extra feature added into this? Thank You

Where is it differing from web browsers? Is it secure to browsing, how? Understand me its secure email features and is it enhanced in privacy? What is CreateHardLink API, it has? Is ASLR system enabled in Sandboxie 4.16? When I am printing PDF of Sandboxie ,then chrome was hanged, is it fixed in the new version? Is there any drag and drop facility? Is there an auto update feature? What is hook and how does this work? What are the new features available in Sandboxie 4.16? Thank You

Describe changes about GNOME 3.16 looks. Where is show notification in GNOME 3.16? Is there any upgrade in e-mail or IM alert? What is ‘Calendar Menu’? Is there any birthday reminders and weather information in GNOME 3.16? What are improving in Image Viewer app? What are ‘type to search’ features and ‘recently viewed’ section? Describe about ‘E-book Viewer’ and which file type is supported by this section. How does a USB Multi Writer tool work? Thank You

Hello, I am using windows XP operating system and I want to know briefly about Chrome’s Hidden Tab Mute. Is Hidden Tab Mute Feature finest in XP operating system? Can I set this up in all browser versions of chrome? What is mean by mute tab? What does it actually? Can this also be available in smart phone and tablet? Is it essential to install any plugins to do this? How to enable mute tab in Google Chrome? Is there any feedback to use this feature? Thank you

How does Feed Reader 3.14 help user to find out information? What is “River of News“ tag? Where is difference between normal feed and smart feed? What is OEM? Can I use this offline mode? Is there added twitter search feed? What is Proxy configuration in it? Is there any local language available? Can this run on all windows operating systems? Where is difference between online feed and offline feed? Can Feed Reader 3.14 run from a USB flash drive? Thank You