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Which of the computer shortcuts in the past was cool, but in recent times are nothing special or unimpressive and trivial? Which computer shortcuts can you stick your neck out and still say is super cool in recent times despite its frequent use in the past? What are your reasons for making such a bold vouch on that mentioned computer shortcut?

What are the reasons behind the Intel Company naming their processors as i3, i5 and i7 in preference to i1, i2, i4 and i6 or in other words i1, i2, i3, i4 and the likes? What can you say in five sentences about the Intel Company and their production or contribution to the computer world?

What are the distinct and significant features of WhatsApp Plus and that of the WhatsApp? What do these software applications share in common and which of the two you prefer or recommend? I have a couple of friends who are using WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp and every time I do ask them why they are using such preferred application they seem not to give me a satisfied answer and so I do plead for your assistance. Lydia Sam is my name from South Africa. I am 15 years old. Thank you.

Which of the Search Engines do in recent times record the highest traffic and visits? What are the possible contributing factors that generate these results? Among these search engines which of them happen to be the oldest and the vice versa? Marvin Same is my name from Ghana. I am currently studying Environmental Science. Thank you.

What are the significant functions of magnet in the field of Sound engineering and production? What are the reasons surrounding the use of magnet in the building of speakers? Is there a substitute for magnet in the production of sound in this recent times? Gideon Williams is my name. Thank you

Hi, I have bought a Bolt versatile pulse charger. My Bolt versatile pulse charger isn't holding enough charge as it was holding enough for the first few days. The charger holds 500 mAh rechargeable battery inside. That is how it gave me one time fine full battery recharge. But now the pulse charger isn't holding enough charge. Anyone know why?

Hello People, Is someone here who is using Onyx puck clip? Seems like my Onyx puck clip isn't working or responding or supporting Samsung Grand 2. The phone is trying to find the Onyx puck clip for a while and then it says- no active device found, please turn on or restart your device.

Hello, I am using Philips LED monitor 191EL2SB for a few days. For some days I am facing some problems with my LED. The touch panel of my Philips LED monitor 191EL2SB isn't working fine. Sometimes it isn't working smoothly, sometimes some of the switches are working, sometimes the full touch panel just stops working. Is there anyone who has the solution for this problem?

I need to understand the concept of Data Warp I/O acceleration. Could someone be kind enough to tell me how this Data Warp works? What benefit do I gain by using services that rely on this concept? Is it applicable in small computer networks or it is best to deploy for larger organizations?


What are the significant features of Media Shout out Software? What makes Media Shout out exceptional from other application softwares like Worship Media Creator? What are some of the difficult tasks of using the Media Shout out? I am 15 years old and Parry Owusu is my name. I am currently living in Nigeria. Thank you.