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What does the laser printer have in common a photocopier machine? Apart from the laser printer being a printer and a photocopier machine being what is it, are there any other distinct features functioning as the same? Samuel Prince Sam is my name. I am an Economic Student living in Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you.

What are the steps to follow in order to setup an internet café? What are the basic things apart from computers and network cables? What are the advanced requirements to meet in order to build or set up an ideal and advanced internet café? Ruby Gal is my name from South Africa. Thank you.

What are the significant benefits that Hotmail has over Google mail? What are the distinct features surrounding the apps of this two softwares? In terms of functionality are there any clear cut demerits one has over the other? Are there any lessons to be learned by the developers and operators of Hotmail from Google mail and vice versa? Thank you.

Recently we have seen several giants from all over world are very much interested in investing their business in India. It was already confirmed that the e-commerce giant Alibaba from Chinese is investing more of his business in India. Now it is told that the American tech giant Dell is very much interested in expanding their business in India. Is American tech giant, Dell interested to invest in India?

I am told the Washington Post is offering free online access to its paper for all the Kindle Fire owners. Is it totally free or the users had to pay a minimum subscription fee? How long does this offer available for the users? Does The Washington Post offer free access to Kindle Fire Owners?

Acompli is a mobile email application designed for professionals which helps to search a particular email quickly in their inbox. In the month of June, Acompli raised $7.3 million this year. It is said that a short uncompleted blog of the Microsoft’s VP Rajesh Jha. Is Microsoft planning to acquire Acompli in couple of months?

It is said that this is the first time Federal Trade Commission has taken action a company like Sony for misleading tweets to its buyers. It is said that few features were not available with Sony’s Play Station Vita as promised to its customers. Is it really true? Has Federal Trade Commission taken action against Sony? Why?

What does a photocopier machine have in common with a scanner machine? What are the distinct features of a scanner machine and that of a photocopier machine? Priscilla Appiah Kubi is my name from Ghana. I am a second cycle student studying Home Economics in the same country. I would like to have answers for these questions bothering my mind. Thank you.

What are the basic but detailed steps to consider in servicing a laptop or notebook cooling pad device? I am currently using a cooling pad for notebook or laptop computers with two fans. In recent times I have realized that the fans have caught up with much dust and I would like to get a definite steps to clean these dusts or dirt. Thank you.

What are the simplest and detailed steps to follow in order to make a photocopy of a document on A3 paper to a B5 paper? What are the likely or possible mistakes to occur when rendering such services? Is there a special paper you would prefer or recommend for this task? Thank you.