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What are procedures should one follow to uninstall an Android OS and install a Windows OS on my smartphone? Is it possible for such task to be done please? If yes, where do I start from as a nonprofessional? What are the vital challenges and precautions to be taken in performing such task? Thank you.

What is the remedy for me to restore back my play store when I delete it? Is there a way to go about it apart from resetting my phone to factory settings? I am using an android smartphone and I left the phone on the sofa bed to the kitchen to fix up a little beverage only to return to find my kid brother playing with the phone. When I took it from him, he had deleted a lot of apps including my play store app on the phone within that short time. I do not know what to do now. Please help me. Thank you.

Which of African countries would you state to have recorded the highest number of using iPhone and all other Apple products? Which African country would you state as promising for the largest product sales for the Apple Company? What are your bases of choosing such a country ahead of other African country? Thank you.

What are the advantages of the Twoo software application have over the Badoo software application in the social media world currently? Which of the two command a lot of subscribers in today’s global world per their platform as a social media? I am 18 years of age and Juan Farbin is my name living now if Africa. Thank you.

What could be the main rationale behind the arrangement of the characters on the standard keyboard? What are the distinct features between the French Standard Keyboard layout chart and that of Windows standard Keyboard layout chart? I am currently researching into the technological advancement from old till now. Thank you.

What does the laser printer have in common a photocopier machine? Apart from the laser printer being a printer and a photocopier machine being what is it, are there any other distinct features functioning as the same? Samuel Prince Sam is my name. I am an Economic Student living in Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you.

What are the steps to follow in order to setup an internet café? What are the basic things apart from computers and network cables? What are the advanced requirements to meet in order to build or set up an ideal and advanced internet café? Ruby Gal is my name from South Africa. Thank you.

What are the significant benefits that Hotmail has over Google mail? What are the distinct features surrounding the apps of this two softwares? In terms of functionality are there any clear cut demerits one has over the other? Are there any lessons to be learned by the developers and operators of Hotmail from Google mail and vice versa? Thank you.

Recently we have seen several giants from all over world are very much interested in investing their business in India. It was already confirmed that the e-commerce giant Alibaba from Chinese is investing more of his business in India. Now it is told that the American tech giant Dell is very much interested in expanding their business in India. Is American tech giant, Dell interested to invest in India?

I am told the Washington Post is offering free online access to its paper for all the Kindle Fire owners. Is it totally free or the users had to pay a minimum subscription fee? How long does this offer available for the users? Does The Washington Post offer free access to Kindle Fire Owners?