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As we all well aware of the rise of Emoji but my concern is, ‘what is the rise of emoji on whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, line etc. and same with respect of languages?’ What about the circulative statements rising around “the rise of emoji on instagram is causing corollary? What is influencing the rise of such thoughts?

While using window vista a major problem that many people encounter is about installing the HP PSC1315 software, the error appears on the screen as “system requirements results” and then appears a message that the software can not be installed using Run command. Can some one solve this problem? What should be done to meet the requirement? 

How would you substitute strings with sed? May I discover a few examples and allude to them in the substitution string? In the event that the string is 'old' and I run's/old/new', I get 'new old' as the outcome. I require 'new?' How would you supplant an example just on the off chance that it’s discovered, so that its executed faster?

What is the most ideal approach to breaking down the appeal sent over SSL by portable application? It is redundant that the correspondence convention is Http/s so catching them with Burp/Zap/Fiddler or whatever other Http intermediary won't basically work, however by what means would we be able to get the movement to try and achieve the intermediary?

The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for what? What does VVVF stand for? What frequency range is the High Frequency band? The first step to getting output from a laser is to excite an active medium. What is this process called? Which is the  best format for home recorders?

How often do you buy things on the Internet? Have you ever been scammed? What do you think about online shopping? What is your opinion about children playing\using violent video games or computer programs? What do you think should be done to people who spread viruses, start hoaxes or create spam on the Internet?

Do you know about the creative desktops? Nowadays, sprout is a new technology but few people know about the sprout, so the question can arise in our mind “What is sprout”? Can images be scanned and manipulated on sprout? Can the scanning and manipulation be useful for creating objects that could be 3D-printed? Is Sprout considered an expensive experimental desktop?

How do the photovoltaic cells work and what is difference between the solar panels and building integrated photovoltaic products (BIPV)? Are BIPV made for both photovoltaic and thermal collection systems and can we maximize the efficiency by placing these both technologies side by side?

Please include anything else that one must know about BIPVs.

What are ICT4D and M4D?  How can we think about monitoring and evaluating the role of a particular ICT or digital platform in the context of a larger initiative? And how can work in evolution filed with additional tools? How many separate monitoring of ICT tools/platforms phases are there? Please help...

How does Software Shield work? How many editions are available in Software Shield? How these protect other softwares? Describe about its Varieties of tools. What is IronWrap and why is this needed? How does fingerprint mechanism work in Software Shield? How can I get benefits from SoftwareShield SDK integration? What is ‘Self Life’ activation code? Can this protect .NET application and Adobe flash application? Can this install Mac operating system? Is there any feature to protect IP address? Thank You