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What are the common challenges and problems of using a touch screen phone as compared to a phone with keypads? I am currently using a phone with keypads but would like to purchase a touch screen mobile phone for personal use but I would like to know some of the possible challenges to encounter as a touch screen mobile phone user. Thank you.

What is the possible factors that contribute to some part of the mobile phone touch screen not being sensitive? I am using HTC Panache and for some time now the top right corner of the screen is not responsive to touch? I wish to know what could be the possible cause. Thank you.

What is the meaning of printer sharing in computing? My name is Lydia living in the Republic of Togo and in grade six. I came across the word printer sharing when reading a bother’s textbook but did not understand it because it was mentioned in a passing. I would be happy if this term is explained in the simplest form but detailed. Thank you.

What Antivirus is best suitable for my Desktop Computer and what simple steps can I follow to format my Hard Disk? After starting my computer (when the desktop shows up), it runs very slow and freezes at most times. I suspect these happenings caused by the activities of virus. I did defragment the hard disk of my desktop computer but to no avail. However, I also don’t think the sluggishness of the machine has the anything to do with the speed of the CPU or RAM size.

What are the differences between Operating System and utility software? I am eight years old boy who lives in one of the countries in central Africa. I am currently in grade five attending one of the basic government schools. I wish to be a Computer Wizard one day when I grow up. I will be very glad if I get assistance from you. Thank you and I do hope in getting a reply.

What do I stand to benefit as an android app developer in the Smartphone world? I am a green Android application developer and I love to develop phone applications for Smartphone users. I want to develop applications for Android phone users. Am I making a mistake if I tread on that path?

I am looking to hire an admin person remotely. I would like to have them login to my windows 8 machine and work on a separate user account. I would like us both to be able to work concurrently and ideally I would like to limit access to only certain applications and only certain directories. I am a little overwhelmed with the wide array of options, from free logmein or teamviewer style VPNs to windows own remote desktop to virtual desktop solutions. Could someone maybe help me make sense of what software I should consider to achieve this, my budget would be around $2000. However if there is a free or cheap solution all the better. I would like a detailed report of the options, an easy to understand summary, and a step by step tutorial on how to setup the solution(s).

Want help in order to transfer 1 GB video from one city to another. Please suggest any idea to achieve this in minimum time as Team viewer takes more time.

My computer says I can not run OneDrive because it is Blocked by the Sytem Admin. This is a home computer. What do I do

Many years ago there used to be a DOS utility called vcopy which was similar to the DOS copy command but allowed you to copy files and overwrite existing files with the same name only if the files being copied were newer datewise.
Is there any similar utility now in windows ?