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I have heard many people talking about NTSC and PAL and region locks and whatsoever. What actually means NTSC? What about PAL? And what is region lock? I have also heard that NTSC hardware don't execute PAL software and many things like this. What is the reason behind NTSC and PAL which don't support each others' contents?

Does anybody know what is Apache Cordova?

Which latest version is released of Apache Cordova?

I have some question about Samsung Galaxy S6. i.e.

Has the Galaxy S6 a non-removable rear and wireless charging system?

I have ordered a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard for myself and I'm really impressed with its features. You can withdraw your money from any part of the world or pay with the card in stores which accept MasterCard as a form of payment. However, how does the Payoneer MasterCard work worldwide without any issues?

what is the perfect software we can use to removedate and time created in the photos as recorded in the video ?

Hello everyone! We all know that all the information is available on the Internet these days, but recently I developed this hobby of collecting computer / IT related magazines. So can someone suggest some good magazines related to computer and information technology which are worth reading and which will definitely increase my knowledge related to computer?

Hello everyone! We all know about Google Hangouts and its ever increasing popularity. My question is that will Google Hangouts new SMS feature just a start towards its journey of becoming a full messaging application? Is it possible that in future Google Hangouts will be much like Whatsapp, Viber or Line etc. I was reading it on the Internet as well that there is a possibility that it will become very much like Whatsapp in future. Is this true?

Hello! I was watching a movie named 'The Imitation Game' starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It is based on a real life scientist Alan Turing who is considered as the father of modern computer science. One thing that I want to ask is about the famous 'Turing Test'. They say any machine which is constructed/developed undergoes this test and so far, no such machine has been developed which has successfully passed the Turing test. What is the Turing test all about and what does it do?

My config -

Intel core i3-540



Hdd-320 gb

monitor-Samsung sm b1930

VGA connector

I would like to change the date and time created in a video.What is the right software to use?