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I really need to find out a software to add subtitles to my recently made video. The video is about 5 minutes long and I have spoken all over the video. I want to add English subtitles in the video at the bottom so that it would be easier to understand for those who face problem with pronunciation. Any software which can add subtitles to a video?

I have Xbox 360 game console in my disposal as a surprise birthday gift. My friend came to pay me a visit and had a movie in a Blu Ray format with him. I wanted to know if it is possible to watch the movie on my Xbox 360 game console and if it supports blu ray files? If it is possible what procedure should be followed to accomplish such a task?

Thank you.

I'm facing problem with the Android Studio. When I try to install it, it says that my system doesn't has the latest version of Java. I downloaded Java as recommended by Android Studio but it still says that my system has no Java. How can I fix this error? Has my installer crashed?

I have installed GTA Sanandreas on my system and it is not launching. It always says that vorbis.dll is missing and I have already manually installed it on its directory but the problem isn't fixed yet. So is the case with Banished but it shows Runtime-x32.dll. How can I fix this errors?

I have a lot of registry errors on my system as shown by dllfilesfixer. I think that it's true because my PC is laggy these days. I want to find a free alternative to dllfilesfixer. What are the best free software to correct the registry errors? Can I fix the errors manually?

Yellow light of death was popular during the PS3 gaming years. What is the meaning of yellow light of death? How is it caused in the PS3s? Will this problem be seen on PS4 as blue light of death or anything else? Do XBOX gaming consoles feature such kind of error? 

I have heard about pseudo code and it is said that it is a very powerful programming tool. What are the advantages of writing pseudo code? How can I write a pseudo code for a program to add any two numbers in QBASIC. Is pseudo code written for high-end programs like antivirus and operating system?

It's really interesting when we see the Kinect working. I'm talking about the XBOX Kinect. What thing makes the Kinect work properly? Which programming language is used in order to program games for Kinect? Which is better among the Kinect and Play Station Camera? Are PS Move and Kinect similar to each other?

I have found that PS4's system software is based on FreeBSD OS which is a Linux distro. It is a modified version and is renamed as Orbit OS. Can I run all PS4 games on my PC if I install Orbit OS and get all the important files used on the PS4? 

My speaker is not producing any sound after installing new window please help and tell me what window is best window 7 or 8?