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Hello there,

Today I reinstalled my Windows 7 (x86) on my laptop and I have this problem installing iTunes. I have downloaded a few different versions from different servers but I can’t install it. It worked just fine before I reinstall the Windows. Can anyone help me to install iTunes? Please tell me the steps to install and if possible provide me a good installer.

Thank you!


There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.


I want to take photos from several cameras at the same time repeatedly and them have the photos automatically sorted into folders for each shooting. How can I do it?

Windows 8----HP 2000 Laptop----In the Microsoft solitaire collection all the sound effects have disappeared from the games. I want them back. Anybody have any suggestions?

Hi all,

What do you do when you loose a DVR password? The digital video recorder in question is used with a video surveillance system. Is there a way to configure DVR even without having the password? Or what other options do I have?


I would like to ask about Samsung’s WiFi Direct sharing option. I am supposed to get APKs (which was what I got the first time) or HTML files? Can someone tell me why am getting HTML files now? Also provide me any information that you need I need to know about it.


I would like to know how to custom enable Bluetooth to make it work with Android KitKat’s Message Access Profile. The Android 4.4 enables Bluetooth MAP to communicate with Bluetooth devices, such as cars. I want to know the technicality behind it. How does it work?


Whenever I press the lock key button on my Samsung Wave 525 it asks if I want to turn on or off, then it automatically restarts. Why does this happen? I have not seen this behavior before. Any suggestion to fix?


Hi all,

I am looking for a free service that can send invite emails to an audio conference. This should not involve downloading and installing anything. Something that both the sender and receiver can make use of. Is this possible?


My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit. I see a file in my downloads folder but I am not able to delete. The file type simply reads FILE and the size is 0kb. I can't delete it nor do any kind of operation on it. I am thinking I could be a virus. I scanned my computer and no threat was detected. It has been there for sometime now. What should I do?


I got an email from a friend. It contained a song that had been modified on Audacity and exported as MP3. On receiving the email I downloaded it but it had no extension. On properties it only said 'File Type: File'. Now I can't open it even by selecting programs from the list of programs. How can I get the video to After Effects?