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I am frequently experiencing a problem with my computer that involves the screen freezing followed by a blank display on the monitor. Sometimes this problem would occur simultaneously and a notice that says " Graphics Accelerator for Windows Vista  has stopped responding and recovered successfully" I have a windows 7 operating system installed on my computer, how can I get this fixed?

Category: Windows 7

Hello guys,

I am using Dell Inspiron 14 with Windows 7 pre-installed in it.

It was working great, but after a few months, recently I started getting some issue may be because of the system slowness. When I click the close button on any open window, it is not closing the window. I thought this was due to Virus and did full System scans using MBAM Pro, McA Fee and Avast Antivirus.

I am not able to figure out what is causing this issue. Any more ideas? Please assist me in this regard. Thanks a lot in advance.

Category: Windows 7

I Have a windows 7 home basic installed on my computer and I tried to customize it's appearance, like the wallpaper and theme, but I cannot find any option that would let me change it's appearance the way I wanted to. Is there any way in which I could change it's appearance? 

Category: Windows 7

Hi all,

I am using HP - 215 G1 Pro (11.6" Touchscreen Laptop - AMD A4-Series - 4GB Memory - 320GB Hard Drive - Silver) laptop with Windows7 and it is all fine.

But I am facing an issue while installing USB drivers for my Samsung GT 7580. It is taking a long time, but couldn't install the drivers needed. I have tried several ways. I have uninstalled and installed drivers after downloading manually, but no use. I have tried updating my phone driver, but it is failing with an error that windows encountered an error while attempting installing it. I am not sure what is going on here.

Anybody faced this issue before? Please help me. Thanks!

Category: Windows 7

Hello everybody,

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile and had some issues with it. After contacting with Samsung device repair center I have mailed the device to them for repair. Before mailing it, I have taken a backup of the entire mobile through Kies 3. I use to have my notes in S Memos and the backed up files are showing as .ssm files in my PC having Windows 7 on it. But, I am unable to read the notes files.

Is there a way to open/read these files? I have some important information in those files which I have to access ASAP. Someone please help me. Thanks in advance!

Category: Windows 7


I am using Dell XPS 9100 with Windows 7 operating system and it worked fine till now.

From yesterday, it has kept getting stuck and after booting I am unable to see the desktop icons but the toolbar is present. I have rebooted several times and most of the times the reboot is failing and asking to press F1 to Reboot again. Also, I am feeling that the CPU fan sound is more than normal.

Why it is happening? What is the problem? Is this a problem with BIOS? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Category: Windows 7

Hi guys,

I have Acer Iron Gray 11.6" C710-2856 Chromebook with Windows 7 installed in it.

I have not installed many programs on my laptop. But, it is very slow while bootup and also while browsing. I have AVG plus Spybot and also the CC Cleaner and I am using it daily. Sometimes I use malware bytes software to identify and delete any malware. Even after taking all precautions my system is very slow. I am not understanding what is the reason.

Can somebody help me on how to Make it speed? Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance!

Category: Windows 7

Hi everybody,

I have a new Samsung NP300E5C-A0CIN Laptop and OS Windows 7 on it.

I am facing a strange issue with opening a Facebook application on my laptop. I am able to open it in all the browsers at my work and some other place like schools. But at home I am unable to open it. I tried with all the browsers but Nothing is working. I have one desktop at my home, I tried on that, but there also same problem. All my drivers are up-to-date. I have reinstalled the Google Chrome, deleted cookies and updated all the flash players. But no luck.

Can somebody please give me good suggestion to fix this issue? Thanks, in advance, for your time.

Category: Windows 7

Hello there guys,

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop with Windows 7. I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS along with Windows 7.

My C drive is having Windows 7, D drive is having Ubuntu. Previously I use to have an E drive but now it got disappeared. In the disk management tool, it is Being shown as logical partitions.

Can I delete that logical partition? If I do that, will it be shared between the C and D drives? Or that will simply remain uninitialized? Please share your thoughts here. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

Category: Windows 7

On the Dell Inspiron laptop running on Windows 7, when I try to login, it prompts that the User Profile Service failed. I tried to use all the passwords I can remember but I still get the same result. Is there another way to login back to the system? I was not able to back up, so I may need to try other options first before reinstalling Windows.