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Hi everyone,

Firstly I want to install windows 7 on windows 8 running PC guys. So I have following questions related to this.

1) Is it possible to install windows 7 on windows 8 PC?

2) If yes then how should I install & will I need to backup whole data before proceeding to installation of windows 7?



Category: Windows 7


I want to disable touch pad in my laptop. It is ASUS with Windows 7 and I find this touch pad really annoying and it comes up every time though I don't use it, but it activated by mistake and I don't have any idea how to disable it. So please guide me how to disable touchpad in ASUS.

Category: Windows 7

I put a password on my computer since yesterday. When my daughter used my computer and typed my password, she received an error message stating that 'The user profile service failed to log on'. I tried to log in again with the correct password but I was unable to. I don't have any disk with me such as Recovery or Password Reset Disk. What can I do to access my PC again?

Category: Windows 7

I have windows 7 OS installed in my laptop and it seems to be working fine. All my friends have upgraded to awindows 8 but it has been just an year since I bought my laptop so I don’t want to spend again on getting a new upgrade. But as it seems like Microsoft is announcing new Windows versions every other day, how long will there be support available for Windows 7? When is the next version of Windows coming out? Is it really necessary to upgrade to Windows 8? What are some disadvantages I have to endure if I don’t?

Category: Windows 7

I have recently upgraded my operating system to Windows 8.1 so as to have access to the extra feature added. In addition to that I am a Kaspersky user. However, I tried to install Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 recently and it fails to go past the installation window. What could cause this?I do not have any other anti virus installed. Should I downgrade the operating system?

Category: Windows 7

Hi guys, I have windows 7 and since 2 months its showing "do you want to set these settings as default yes or no" what it is I did not make any settings or changes to my PC but still it shows this message every time I open it and nothing happens if click on Yes or on NO again next time when I open PC again it will show the same message.What is the problem?? I don't know please help me fix it

Category: Windows 7

Hi guys my Acer E series laptop is not responding whenever I want to close it that is whenever I click on shut down it is not at all responding its just happening since 2 days though I did not make any changes in my laptop.My Acer laptop is E series 512 and runs on Windows 7 operating system. Please help me solve this problem as I can shutdown it by using switch user and then selecting shut down but not directly.

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I was trying to open adobe Photoshop edited image using windows image viewer but as I selected windows image viewer to open just the image all the desktop icons changed to windows image viewer only and I'm unable to open anything not even google chrome.I tried to select each default application to open but it did not work.Please help me solve this problem

Category: Windows 7

Hello guys,

My Windows 7 is a 32 bit professional powered by orbit 30 . It has stopped detecting all wifi networks all of a sudden I don't know why as previously it use to work fine and I'm able to connect other cable, broadband and can use internet via USB also but not wifi. I did not even made any changes to my PC not even installed new updates also. Can anybody tell me what would have went wrong with it

Any help would be appreciated.

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I want to change some settings and it seems like I don’t have access to do this. This is the error about unattend.xml and no solutions were found on the Internet about this. Can you experts help me please to solve this error ?

Thank you !

INSTALL Windows 7 (f006ddb4-05a1-4133-8e92-00c829740302) Properties

Unable to edit

Unable to edit the unattend.xml for this OS because no catalog could be located or generated.