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Hi techyv Experts,

I am back and love to be here...

I want to set up a global setting for the intranet. I don’t want each user to go to "page setup: memo style, page footer" to insert a disclaimer. The disclaimer should be present when user wants to send or reply to an email. I use Windows 2003 SBS with SP2 and exchange ser in order to send emails and receive them.

Please suggestions needed for this system.

Category: Windows 2003

Machine able to connect via MSTSC but not able to ping it

I tried
firewall is off

Any one has a clue on how to fix this windows 2003 issue to allow ping

Category: Windows 2003

I have migrated to 2010 from 2003. I had used custom forms in 2003. I have also used ‘Current item Convertor ‘add on for changing the forms to custom form. Is the option available in 2003? Please guide me. I will be thankful for all help and support.

Category: Windows 2003

Our Windows Server 2003 is always running but it is set up to ask password to access the system.

I have created a VBS script to auto log in by setting the user name and password in the registry. But I have to reboot the computer to log in. I am looking for a log in command to log in automatically when the VBS is running or forward the password to the computer to skip the login box. If anybody knows the solution to solving this, please help me.

I will be thankful for all your help.

Category: Windows 2003

I have been running my server on Windows 2003 Server R 2 standard edition. Also, I have bought a system which runs with Windows XP and I need to add it to the current domain. I need help to activate my system to enable it use any OS in the server. Because the new system is making problem such as giving some RPC errors and authentication is not allowing etc. It can be solved by enabling the above specified option. So please help me to solve this issue. I will be thankful for all your help and support.

Category: Windows 2003

Outlook 2003 cannot connect to Exchange 2007. It is giving an error message. I have tried ‘ipconfig’ and ‘flushdns’ but it is not able to fix the problem. I have restarted the exchange server information store service, but it is also not able to fix the problem. Even the restart of exchange server is not able to solve the issue. I have changed the cache settings, but there is no change in the result. It is showing all exchange services are working properly.

Category: Windows 2003

I cannot run any .bat file. It shows- Bat file contain only Pause statement and it should return usual black window, and it also says "Press any key to continue..."

And after that when i press any key, nothing really happen.

When I try Start > Run > cmd.exe, a blank wind show up. But no prompt line.

If I try Start > Run > cmd.exe? It shows up normal help options, and after those black windows disappears.

After that, when I try to copy cmd.exe from my server to another windows 2003 server it shows the same problem.

Anybody can help me with this?

Category: Windows 2003


I am trying to load Windows Server 2003 server R2 on my inter server. Whenever I try to install windows server, it shows the error message "A problem has been detected and windows is shutting down to protect your computer”. When I asked Intel customer care to help, they gave me a driver to install and there is the problem, I can’t go to windows screen where I can pick a custom folder to install the driver.

Is there any other way to install this driver without booting the operating system, so that after installing the driver I can install the Windows server? Can you help me with this?

Thank you

Category: Windows 2003

When I am trying to execute any Exe file in my server, it shows an Error cod. I am looking for someone to help me had these types of problems before and experienced about it.

It shows the error message "Windows server 2003 won't run .exe files”,

When I go to properties by right click on the file it says "Unblock".

It will be very kind if somebody please give me the solution.

Category: Windows 2003

I have created some folder for different clients. Thy can view these folders ,but thy don’t have access to this folders. We want to hide those folder which they don’t have access to.

I am trying to install Microsoft Access-based Enumeration. , but when i am trying to install it shows a error message "Processor not support"

Can I solve this problem with other Microsoft product or Microsoft solution?

Windows server version: "Windows 2003 Storage Server 64 bits."

Thank you.