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I have been able to get access to the Web, but cannot get access to the main system.

I have a dealing system and it is set up on a hosting server. Windows SBS 2003 is installed in the server. I had to reset the whole connection, as we have moved our office. Now, I am facing some problems. Customers are able to get connected to the web, but they cannot hook up to the Firms Network using the system hosting server DOYLE. One thing I found was that, one ip address from the SCOPES, named 192.168.0, has stopped working. I found it when I checked the DHCP server. Another SCOPE is 192.168.1.

Category: Windows 2003

Hi previously I have downloaded winFTP and it’s not a full version it is of trial version and while running this application I am coming up with an Script Error and this is installed on the Windows Server 2003 with the Internet Explorer of version 8. Help me in getting up from this query. Thank you.

Internet Explorer Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 37

Category: Windows 2003

Hello, am having some trouble, I run my computer everyday without it being idle for a single hour and I am using KWF 6 for passing through my gateway and running on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

But now I keep getting an error message stating; Port Already Open.

It’ll be a pleasure to get help with any type of solution.

Thank You.


 WinRoute Driver: TcpInfoInit: TCP driver is already opened
 WinRoute Driver: RtAllocateAndReadRtTable: Unable to read forward table !

Category: Windows 2003

When I start  my Informatica repository service in Windows 2003, the connection suddenly drops. How do I fix this problem?

Category: Windows 2003

Hi Gurus,

I was updating a group policy object (GPO) on an old Win Server 2003 and got this error message (see below).  I wasn’t sure why this happened since I was able to update a GPO two days ago.

I need 2 things to ask from the gurus of this forum since I am fairly new as a sys ad: 1) What triggered this so that I can prevent it from happening again and 2) How to resolve the issue.  Appreciate very much the help.


Administrative Templates

The following entry in the [strings] section is too long and has been truncated.

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I happen to have win server 2003. I think it's because of some spyware, wscript.exe is blocked.

When I try to run an .VBS file I get error Access Denied.

I'm using the administrator account.

Category: Windows 2003

Computer is closed by many causes, how do we restore windows 2003 in my computer?

Category: Windows 2003

When opening a Adobe Reader file from a client mapped network drive using client to server content redirection, I get the following error message

There was an error opening this document. Access denied. 

I use XenApp 5 for Windows 2003 server. I uploaded a screenshot to better understand my problem. 

Please help.


Category: Windows 2003

Hi techyv Experts,

I am back and love to be here...

I want to set up a global setting for the intranet. I don’t want each user to go to "page setup: memo style, page footer" to insert a disclaimer. The disclaimer should be present when user wants to send or reply to an email. I use Windows 2003 SBS with SP2 and exchange ser in order to send emails and receive them.

Please suggestions needed for this system.

Category: Windows 2003

Machine able to connect via MSTSC but not able to ping it

I tried
firewall is off

Any one has a clue on how to fix this windows 2003 issue to allow ping