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Hi everyone,

I use Windows server 2003 Enterprise one and service pack 1 as my operating system. At the moment of having attempt of installing any new software in it then it works till the extraction level and after that it got hanging problem or just vanished. I also had some attempt to start the pc as another choice after without checking the “restrict privileges box” by my administrative account that I have. I made attempt to install Malwarebytes including Notepad++ at all but the first one have no response of clicking and the last one runs till the extracting stage and got hang up problem. So could you cooperate me regarding this problem so that I feel really good.

Thank you in advance for your kind of cooperation. 

Category: Windows 2003

I have one AD domain controller( 2003 Server), i will configuring dhcp server and filter is to configure as my dell pc.

Category: Windows 2003


I'm trying to download files using my FTP server, it works great in Windows XP but in Windows Server 2003 I get the following message I'm using FTP server.. and trying to download files. "425 use port or passive first".

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Category: Windows 2003

I am operating Microsoft windows 2003 AD and 2003 Return servers. If I wish to use interactive movie with OCS, do I need to allow QoS of some kind, and for what protocol?

Category: Windows 2003

Hi, I am using windows 2003 in my computer. But yesterday I stuck in a work in active directory that was telling that operations failed with Error 1722. I reinstalled the program but failed to solve the problem. Looking for some help from you. Do you have any idea?

Category: Windows 2003

Hello there, I upgraded my machine to IIS7 (Window Server 2003) from IIS6 (Window Server 2008), when I tried to transfer the Window Communication Foundation to IIS7 (Window Server 2008), it did not integrate as expected but instead returned an error window.

How can I configure the WCF so that it becomes compatible to IIS7 system?

Help me in this please.

Server Error in Application "Default Website"
HTTP Error 500.24-Internal Server Error
An ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode.

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I have been able to get access to the Web, but cannot get access to the main system.

I have a dealing system and it is set up on a hosting server. Windows SBS 2003 is installed in the server. I had to reset the whole connection, as we have moved our office. Now, I am facing some problems. Customers are able to get connected to the web, but they cannot hook up to the Firms Network using the system hosting server DOYLE. One thing I found was that, one ip address from the SCOPES, named 192.168.0, has stopped working. I found it when I checked the DHCP server. Another SCOPE is 192.168.1.

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Hi previously I have downloaded winFTP and it’s not a full version it is of trial version and while running this application I am coming up with an Script Error and this is installed on the Windows Server 2003 with the Internet Explorer of version 8. Help me in getting up from this query. Thank you.

Internet Explorer Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 37

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Hello, am having some trouble, I run my computer everyday without it being idle for a single hour and I am using KWF 6 for passing through my gateway and running on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

But now I keep getting an error message stating; Port Already Open.

It’ll be a pleasure to get help with any type of solution.

Thank You.


 WinRoute Driver: TcpInfoInit: TCP driver is already opened
 WinRoute Driver: RtAllocateAndReadRtTable: Unable to read forward table !

Category: Windows 2003

When I start  my Informatica repository service in Windows 2003, the connection suddenly drops. How do I fix this problem?