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Can someone please help me? Ever since I upgraded to Windows 8.1, RunDLL error keeps showing on my screen during startup. I don't know where it is coming from and I also don't know how to get rid of it. It seems to be like a registry issue and I don't want to add another trouble on my computer so I am asking for help here. Thanking everyone in advance.

Category: Windows OS

I've been trying to install apps on my Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store. However, whenever I attempt to do it, it is throwing an error and I was unable to install. I could not even upgrade apps since this same error is always appearing. What can I do to fix this? Please help me.

Something happened and this app couldn't be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x800700c1

Try again     Cancel install

Category: Windows OS

I've got a Lenovo 3493-BFG running Windows 8. The problem is, I can start my PC just fine but a random error keeps appearing every time I restarted. It says, "Error 1962: No operating system found. Press any key to repeat boot sequence". I pressed F12 on BIOS POST and choose my default drive then my system properly boots.

My question is, what is the cause of the error? I never installed any new software or programs yet. I can still boot with Windows but why is it showing, there is no OS found? Please help!

Category: Windows OS

I need help on my Windows 8 machine. When I booted this morning, the error below appears:

Pressing the F8 key will return with the error message, "The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors. File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi Error code: 0xc0000225". This happens after I created an image on my old HDD and now, I was unable to boot on my new HDD. Please help! Thanks.

Category: Windows OS

Hello Experts!

I am new to Windows 8 and yet I am encountering a blue screen error with frowny face on top of the error message. This seems new to me since the old Windows BSOD screen is different from this one. I don't know the cause of this error, the last thing I remember is I updated Windows 8 and then I turn off the PC. When I opened it again this morning, the blue screen error is already showing. Can someone please help me resolve it? Reformatting my whole system is my last option since I don't want to lose my programs and important files.

Here is the image of the error message:

Category: Windows OS

Opening the IO Libraries Suite on my new Windows 8.1 causes an error. It was saying something about DPInst.exe. I think that this is related to a driver but I'm not sure how to fix it. Is it the driver for the IO Libraries Suite? Please send me some ideas.

Device Driver Installation Wizard

ERROR: Path 'C:\Program Files\Agilent\IO Libraries Suite\pnp\ausbtmc_win8' not found.

DPInst.exe:installs and uninstalls driver packages.

By default, the tools searches the current directory and tries to install all driver packages found.

Category: Windows OS

The DirectX C++ app I have here can be compiled but it can't work. It gives a runtime error as shown below. I am running Windows 8.1 and based on dxdiag, everything are running correctly with DirectX 11. How can I fix this?



InitializeDirect3D: D3D11CreateDevice(...)


The application requested an operation that depends on an SDK component that is missing or mismatched.

Category: Windows OS

Hi there,

I am in the middle of configuring my system, I have a windows 8 64 bit, 1GB RAM operating system. The problem is I am not able to set the CD-ROM drive software successfully, it failed in driver installation. How do I set the device? How do I install the device drivers? Thinking of the problem might be the device? Help please.


Device driver software was not successfully installed.

Category: Windows OS


I am getting this wired error message again and again I think a loop is set in there. When I try to install the parallel tools I get this error almost towards the end. It gives me an options to select don’t install or install any way. I was trying to click install any way option, but this is not preceding further. I tired like couple of times, what might be the problem? I tried this from a licensed website. Help to resolve this error.

Error :

Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software.

Category: Windows OS

An error occurred when trying to activate my Windows 8.1. I searched for a solution online and found out that the error code given in the error message means there is a mismatch in the SKU. How can I activate Windows 8.1? Please help.

Windows Activation

An error has occurred

You can also contact Microsoft by phone to help resolve this problem.




The Software Licencing Service reported that the product SKU is not found.