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Hello Experts,

Although I adjusted my desktop clock accordingly, I found it gave a different time on the next day and also a different date.

Can you tell me why this is happening? Please provide me a solution please.


Category: Windows OS

Hello TechyV friends,

My computer suddenly crashed and I want to view the SQL dump files because I would like to retrieve my log files. Could you help me find the best tool to view the SQL dump files. I need a website where I could download it for free. I specifically need an SQL dump viewer for Windows.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Category: Windows OS

When my Window focus is not reaper I tend to get this error more often, for example when I use another window then switch back to reaper all my midi inputs cannot open. Does anyone experience similar problems and how can I solve it? It is quite frustrating especially when I am with a client and I have to restate the draw each time.

The following MIDI inputs could not be opened: UM-2 Akai MPD24

MIDI error

The following MIDI inputs could not be opened:

Akai MPD24

Category: Windows OS

Hello Expert,

I am searching for the dead space windows font. I searched on the internet and found on many websites. But I want to create or freely download this software in my system. Please help me how to create or install this font. Any ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Category: Windows OS

Boost the audio on my laptop which has Windows 7? I have a new Lenovo laptop and want to know any tricks to increase the audio volume which is quite low.

Category: Windows OS

How can I remove Windows 7 Service pack 1 and not have any issues created for my current state? Please give me some safe step.

Category: Windows OS

I currently have Windows 7 and can we upgrade without data loss to Windows 8?

Can I have step by step please.

Category: Windows OS

I currently have Windows 7 Home edition and wanted to know if we get better features in Windows 7 Professional.

Category: Windows OS

How to remove the index in windows 7 system. I have a windows 7 with Sp1 and the C drive takes a lot of space. I want to stop the index and also delete the file. Whats the file name and where and how can I delete it?

Category: Windows OS

I heard that we can add specific areas that are shown in the Google results. What are they called and how to configure them