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I am using Ubuntu Operating System and have installed Eclipse in my system but I am unable to access it. Whenever I try to open or start eclipse the following error message occurs. How can I resolve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need an expert’s advice. Thanks for any assistance.

Failed to open shared

Failed to open “shared”

Failed to mount a Windows share

Category: Windows OS

Windows 8 what are the security features in it?

I wanted to know what are all the options to have the OS secure from Hackers/Virus/Theft etc

Please give me all possible solutions

Category: Windows OS

Issue with Skype after installing Windows 8.1

After installation i opened the Skype and all configurations were blank and now when i update all my details and try to connect i get a account already exists on my system and i am not able to get connected

Category: Windows OS

Error 0x8024401c download Windows updates or a APP from the store

I have Windows 8.1 and i get this error 0x8024401c  while i try to manually update my operating systems updates and even when i try to download any app's to my system

Any help with both these issues would be great

Category: Windows OS

Hi Dudes,

Windows 8.1 Photo gallery error 0x8007000b

I have a big problem which might seem small but really a pain. I love Windows and 8.1 is real cool but these errors one after the other is a pain but still can survive but sure wanted a fix.

Can anyone help me with a proven steps to fix this issue

When i open my Photo Gallery i get this error 0x8007000b

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Hi All,

I have upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and I kind of don't like the font styles. Can i have the step by step method to change the font styles on the operating system so it feels better?

My eyes strain a lot with this new OS.

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I just extracted and downloaded UP3 into the IL-2 install folder as I have made a clean install of 1946 V4.10.1. I have already added UP3 after running the generic mod enabler. I receive the following error message when I click 'start IL2 while I have selected UP3 as my game type. Now I am looking for an expert’s advice to fix this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

UP3 after running the generic mod enabler

F:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\UPUpdate\update.bet

F:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\UPUpdate\update.bet is not a valid Win32 application

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Hi Friends,

I went to the Windows Store and can see the Windows 8.1 download missing from the list of downloads

I have a Acer laptop and Antivirus and nothing else installed on my Windows OS

Category: Windows OS

Hi Mates,

$RECYCLE.BIN infected on all drives on my Windows 8.1

I have this OS from last 10 days and today every drive thats C,D,E,F drives show System Volume Information and also $RECYCLE.BIN folders. How can i fix this issue?

Category: Windows OS

Error Widows Defender is not turned on its on my Windows 8

I have a new Windows 8 installed system and every time i try to run the Windows Defender i get this error

Widows Defender is not turned on

I have a Antivirus but want the Defender also to secure my system