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Hi Dudes,

Windows 8.1 Photo gallery error 0x8007000b

I have a big problem which might seem small but really a pain. I love Windows and 8.1 is real cool but these errors one after the other is a pain but still can survive but sure wanted a fix.

Can anyone help me with a proven steps to fix this issue

When i open my Photo Gallery i get this error 0x8007000b

Category: Windows OS

Hi All,

I have upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and I kind of don't like the font styles. Can i have the step by step method to change the font styles on the operating system so it feels better?

My eyes strain a lot with this new OS.

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I just extracted and downloaded UP3 into the IL-2 install folder as I have made a clean install of 1946 V4.10.1. I have already added UP3 after running the generic mod enabler. I receive the following error message when I click 'start IL2 while I have selected UP3 as my game type. Now I am looking for an expert’s advice to fix this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

UP3 after running the generic mod enabler

F:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\UPUpdate\update.bet

F:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\UPUpdate\update.bet is not a valid Win32 application

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Hi Friends,

I went to the Windows Store and can see the Windows 8.1 download missing from the list of downloads

I have a Acer laptop and Antivirus and nothing else installed on my Windows OS

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Hi Mates,

$RECYCLE.BIN infected on all drives on my Windows 8.1

I have this OS from last 10 days and today every drive thats C,D,E,F drives show System Volume Information and also $RECYCLE.BIN folders. How can i fix this issue?

Category: Windows OS

Error Widows Defender is not turned on its on my Windows 8

I have a new Windows 8 installed system and every time i try to run the Windows Defender i get this error

Widows Defender is not turned on

I have a Antivirus but want the Defender also to secure my system

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I am trying to install a game from a discussing Windows XP SP2 Operating System but an error message appears. I meet all the system requirements to play this game properly. I can’t understand how to resolve this weird error message. Could you please assist me to fix this issue? I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.

Feature transfer error

Feature transfer error

File: D:\Game\Bin\Gameplay\GameplayData.package

Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

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I am running Linux Mint 14 Mate and have installed luckybBackup on my system. It has been running perfectly without having any problem but when I tried to upgrade from Linux Mint 14 Mate an error message appeared. You can see the following warning displayed since the upgrade the/home task. My backup has two tasks, home directory and data partition. I have tried to solve this issue but could not gain any resolution. Please guide me with a proper solution. Thanks.

LuckybBackup Warning

LuckybBackup –warning!!

Please specify the following before proceeding:

Operation name

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I am just trying to add an APT line of the repository using Ubuntu Software but I get the following dialog box. I really have no idea to resolve this problem. I need your help to fix this issue as you can see the whole error image. I have consulted from the internet and could not get any assistance. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Enter Complete APT line


Enter the complete APT line of the repository that you want to add as source

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Netflix Error Code is H7361-1253-80070006 on Windows 8.1 update

When i try to access and also tried reinstalling and restoring.