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I heard that we can add specific areas that are shown in the Google results. What are they called and how to configure them

Category: Windows OS

What is the next upcoming OS in Windows?

Can anyone help with this?

Category: Windows OS

I recently installed Windows 8 on my computer. It works well but after few days of using it, its taking too long to load up. I formatted it again and installed Windows 7 but it did not end up successfully. I got an error "Logon Personalization Failed". I tried to boot from the installation disk but Windows 7 did not load correctly so I have to install Windows 8 again. I got another error that say, Failed \boot\bcd. What is this error and how can I fix it?

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Hello Friends,

I want to install much software on my system and explore them. I came to know that windows installer takes the core responsibility. I upgraded from windows XP to VISTA. Please tell me the effect of windows installer when the OS upgrades.

Looking forward for your kind help.

Thank you.

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Hello Everybody,

I am using a computer in my home that runs on windows XP home OS. I found that VISTA has got more enhanced features compared to XP and want to upgrade. Please tell me the process of upgrading and the requirements needed.

Also please tell me will there be any data loss or not. Kindly provide me with this info so that I can start my upgrade process.

Thanks for the help.

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I have a computer at my home running on win XP OS and I use to perform only basic activities. But I like to maintain my computer well. For the past one week, my screen saver is not appearing and is missing from the desktop.

But, there is no problem with newer versions. Please advise me whether I need to change my monitor or get it repaired.

Thanks for the solutions.

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Hello dear friends,

I am currently using an old windows 2000 system. It has many features in it and I want to upgrade to latest one.

After the upgrade from the internet, when I go to control panel and find any user, I am getting file restricted error.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


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Hi to all,

Thinking of what to use for running an INPA software, I thought of an OBD connector.  I saw an image of a 20-pin round adapter in one of the Ads in the PDF installation manual as I was reading.  It immediately gave me second thoughts on what adapter to use.

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What is disk defragment and what is the purpose of disk defragment?

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What are the .XML files uses with the user state migration tool in windows 7?