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Hello Trouble shooters,

I am getting this error message whenever I am process of installing software in the computer. I am getting this same error for everything, so I think there is a problem with the operating system. I am not aware of any technical issue, just using practical knowledge. What will be the root cause of this error? Please explain in detail. Thanks.

Fatal error during installation.



Category: Windows OS

Hi ally,

Whenever I start the computer I am getting this error message. The error message states that backgroundcontainerdll is not found in the computer. How to fix the dll in the desired location? Where to download the missing dll file? Please help me to resolve the problem. Thanks in advance.


There was a problem starting


The specified module could not be found.


Category: Windows OS

I am running Windows 8 Pro x64 and I am having an error on Workstation installation. I installed Workstation previous version before without issues but right now, I have this error on version 9.0.1. Right after the installation, the application hangs and it doesn't work for at least an hour so I decided to forced kill the process. And the error appears:


The MSI 'C:\Users\Joris\AppData\Local\Temp\vmware_1352395605\vmwareworkstation_x64.msi' failed.


Category: Windows OS


I am facing a problem in add-on shutdown, I get an error message after downloads doesn’t work in windows 8. I used this plug-in regularly, but now with Windows 8 it makes an issue. I never experienced this before so having hard time. Please guide me to fix the error. Thanks.

Error in Shell32

Missing entry: SHExitWindowsEx

There was a problem starting user

The specified module could not be found.


Category: Windows OS

Hi Brainy,

I don’t have internet connection at my home will be getting it next week. So I used to browse at my friend’s residence and copy the files in the jump drive. I did this everyday but today I am getting this error message in my computer. Where I went wrong? I am not aware what is going wrong? Please help. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c

Cancel Try Again

Category: Windows OS

I am trying to reformat my Windows 7 PC, but it is always showing an error 0x80070057. What is the cause of this error and how to resolve it? I have some important data on my partition and I want to know if I can still recover my data on that partition? What should I do? I need some insights.Thanks a lot!

Category: Windows OS

I downloaded Windows 8.1 Preview update and it was done successfully. But when I tried to install the update and do a reboot, the error below appears and it won't let me update to 8.1 Preview. What is causing this error to occurred?

Couldn't update to Windows 8.1 Preview

Sorry we couldn't complete the update to Windows 8.1 Preview. We've restored your previous version of Windows to this PC.

0x800705AA - 0x2000C


Category: Windows OS

I just migrated to Windows 8 from my previous Windows 7. And then I updated to Windows 8.1 Pro and attempt to purchase some apps in the Windows Store. And this happens when trying to install any app. The error is:

Your purchase couldn't be completed

Something happened and your purchase can't be completed. Error code: 0x80240017

Try again     Cancel

Also, some apps are not updating and checking on it says, there is no updates available. How can I fix this?

Category: Windows OS

All of a sudden, I got the error below when I opened my Windows Vista PC today. It just pops up and whatever I clicked from the selection in the error message will just close the message for a while and then pops up again after some time. How can I resolve this?

Security Alert

The identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified.

The security certificate is from a trusted certifying authority.

The security certificate date is valid.

The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site.

Do you want to proceed?

Category: Windows OS

I just upgraded to Windows 8 64-bit PC. My problem is, I can't run the Windows Update. There is no error message written but the update process is taking too long to finish. So I will just need to forced close the update to stop the process. I am not sure why but upon checking on my system, I am sure that I have lots of free space and there is no issue on running it. Can someone please help me on resolving this case? Thanks a lot in advance!