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Hi there,

This Connection Error appears when I want to connect to the Internet. I did a fresh install and is not working at all. I don’t know why it says that I don’t have a password set to my host because I have one. Can anyone help me to fix this error of my app? Thank you!

Connection Error

Your credentials are correct, but Windows does not allow empty passwords for RDP access. Please set a password for your user on the host.

Support Website OK

Category: Windows OS

I am not able to work in SQL Server Integration Service. Please find below error message.

Category: Windows OS


Today this message appeared on my desktop about Profile storage space. I don’t know how to check how much space I have left or how much space is busy. Can anyone help me to check and if is possible please tell me more about this.

Thanks !

Profile storage space

You’ve exceeded your Windows Roaming Profile Quota. Run: ECN HELP -> Clean My Profile. If this doesn’t reduce your profile enough, see KB article “Windows Roaming Profile” @


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Can someone please help me on mastering Microsoft Surface Pro? I need your help by sending me tips and tricks and kindly please explain it on details. Thanks a lot.

Category: Windows OS

Hi Trouble shooters,

I am getting this Print Spooler service error message on the local computer. I am struggling hard to find the solution for this error, please help. I have a printer in the network and it is connected too. But why the process is terminated unexpectedly. Please suggest me some solution. Your help is great.

Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.

Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

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Hello Professionals,

While I am working with the Task Manager I got an error message. I am getting little scared of this error; the error itself says it is critical. I don’t have much knowledge about technical concepts. For your information I have windows 8 64 bit operating system. How to handle this critical? Please help me to rectify this error. Thanks a lot.

SecurityBot3 03_NYC_Airfield.SecurityBot0 (Function DeusEx.ScriptedPawn.Patrolling.PickDestination.0039) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)

Category: Windows OS

Hi ally,

When I am to trying to open a file or folder in D drive I ended up with an error message. The message states that ‘location is not available’ How to locate the file? I am damn sure; my computer is connected to the network and internet too. But still why I am getting this error. Any file or folder is corrupted? How to find the root cause of this error? Please help. Thanks.

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Hi Pro,

Whenever I start my system I am seeing this error daily and also sometime I get this error during shutdown too. I am not opening Windows media player but still getting this error. Is there any problem with WMP? Do I need to reinstall it? Are it is affected my any virus? How do I know? Please help me solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

Component ‘wmp.dll’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

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Hello all,

I am getting a weird error message in the windows operating system. The Java download and installation was successful without problem. I tried to reinstall java several times but nothing seems to work. I don’t understand why it is happening. Please help me resolve this error any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Java threw an excetion.

Category: Windows OS

Hi friends,

Recently I upgraded the current Light Room version to Light Room 3.6. The installation was successful without any issues. But the real problem triggered when I attempt to export to .jpg or .dng. I ended up with an error message. The error message states that ‘an internal error has occurred’ I have only one option ‘ok’ , the file is not exported. Please help me to resolve this error. Thanks.

An internal error has occurred: Win32 API error 2 (“The system cannot find file specified.”) when calling ShellExecuteExW from Agworkspace.shellExecute.