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Hello everyone,

I am getting this error message again and again when I try to start my Autodesk Revit. I am unable to fix this problem so I think it can be resolved by your help so kindly instruct some fruitful solution.

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013

Error – cannot be ignored

Can’t create.

Category: Windows OS


I have received an error message when I try to start the Tr-Zero_R1.exe application saying “The application was unable to start correctly”. There should be solution to fix this bug. Looking forward your instructions. Thank you!

Tr-Zero_R1.exe – Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002). Click OK to close the application.

Category: Windows OS


I am running Windows 8.1 32bit Operating system and received the error message when I tried to install my application. I have installed MSE and it stopped during initialization. I hope you can fix this issue. Need help ASAP. Thanks!

Microsoft Security Client

An error has occurred in the program during initialization. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator.

Error code: 0x80073afc

Category: Windows OS


I recently installed Microsoft Security Essential for my Window and found some virus during scanning process but when I click on actions apply an error message appeared “The actions you selected couldn’t be applied. I am unable to remove virus permanently due to this error. Help me resolving the problem. Thanks!

Windows Defender

The actions you selected couldn’t be applied.

Category: Windows OS


I was using Skype for business purposes since 3 years but recently an error occured “Skype for Business has stopped working”. Need an expert to resolve this error. I expect high hopes from you to get a suitable solution. Thanks everyone.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

>Close the program

>Debug the program

Category: Windows OS

Hi everyone,

I am using National Instruments for data explorer but there is something annoying I could not understand showing some communicating error with National Instruments. I need your positive suggesions and solution to fix this problem. Looking forward your reply. Thanks!

NI InsightCM Data Explorer

Category: Windows OS

Pixels are used as a measurement term for screen size and any other size related applications of computers. What is the meaning of the word ‘PIXEL’? What is a Raster Image? Where are they used?

Category: Windows OS

What do you mean by wireless charging of laptops? Is it real? How does it work? What are its advantages?

Category: Windows OS

If a laptop doesn’t have touchscreen feature, is it necessary to change the laptop? Or is it possible that by performing a few tweaks, we can modify the same laptop to have the touchscreen facility?

Category: Windows OS

What is an MAC and what is a PC? Are the two same? If not, then what are the basic differences between the two of them?