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Category: Virus & Spyware

Hi. I'm asking about this cookie cleaner windows open source, where could I find a cookie cleaner windows open source that will delete all my cookies in a public place like wifi? Why can they see my cookies? 

Category: Virus & Spyware

What are the most effective ways of detecting macro viruses and is there a software for macro virus removal that is applicable for all types of Operating System. If your computer is infected by this, can it harm and corrupt the files saved on both RAM and ROM?

Category: Virus & Spyware

I have been in trouble with the viruses for several days.

Viruses are trying to slow down my Computer and pops up annoying messages.

How it can be removed in an easy way?

Category: Virus & Spyware


I want to install VIPRE. But I received error 1321 while trying to install VIPRE. Please help me to solve this problem. The error message says,

Error 1321. The installer has insufficient privileges to modify the file

” Error 1321. The installer has insufficient privileges to modify the file C:\Program Files\Sunbelt


Abort Retry ignore

Category: Virus & Spyware


I use Norton 360. But I faced a problem in One Click Support. An error message is shown.

Error message says,

One click support

An error has occurred with Norton 360

Error; 8504, 101

No automatic solutions were found. Click Launch Support Web Site to continue.” while I was trying run the Run LiveUpdate item.

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I am trying to install Norton 360 V3 and it keeps coming up with an error.

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

The error message says:

” A problem has occurred that needs your attention:

The install file cannot be properly validated. Please try again. If you continue to receive this error message, you should run a Windows Update and then try again.

Go to Technical Support Web site”

Category: Virus & Spyware

A few days ago I installed antivirus in my computer but at this time when I search for antivirus it does not show. It gives me this error when I search for antivirus. Help me please.

anti virus software

Problem: You’ve requested the function that requires installed antivirus software.

Without Antivirus software you are very vulnerable to computer viruses, including infected email attachments viruses that attack over the internet spyware that is introduced by virus infections.

Category: Virus & Spyware


I was trying to install Malwarebytes software, it’s an Anti-Malware software system, but I faced an error during the process of installation.

I have just one option to click OK, and when I press the button of OK. The error message again generated with the same manner, and it repeats again and again until I have to go into task manager and kill the process from there.

Destination Component

Category: Virus & Spyware


I have windows XP operating system 32-bit, and when I started the installation of ‘Trend Micro Titanium’ 2013 external/third party program. I see the following error message.

a problem prevented the installer from completely setting up Trend Micro..

"Installation Incomplete

A problem prevented the installer from completely setting up Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. No changes have been made to your computer.

Please close any other programs currently open before restarting the installer. If following this advice does not solve the problem,you can also get more help online

Category: Virus & Spyware


Yesterday I was installing Win ESET (Third Party Security Product), and in the process of installation I got an error message, the error number was ‘Error: 2878’, and the Product Version is 5.X. The wording of that error message is:

Problem description: ESET Error 2878

The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2878.

I am attaching the error screen shot with this request; please help me out of this problem. I will be very thankful to you.

Thanks in advance.