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I use removable disk or USB in storing my important files, this also serve as my back up file for the reason that my laptop might be exposed in viruses coming from the internet.

However sometimes USB is also prone in viruses that's why it is not always helpful for data storage. 

Recently I am thinking of placing my files online somehow it is not prone to viruses where files are in good storage. 
Which do you prefer?
USB, Hard drive or online storage of files?
Or do you have any other suggestions? 
Category: Storage

I have learned that deleted email can be recovered. So I want to retrieve deleted emails free. But I think there is a problem. Usually deleting email does not get deleted forever. We can restore them. 

But I am looking for help about recovery emails those are deleted from trash folders too. Is there any solution. Actually I have deleted some emails forever in a argue but those were my memorable things. So please help me.

Category: Storage

Hello Friends,

I am a student, pursuing electronics. I take study materials from various web sites and blogs in the form of e books. I now want to store them in my computer as a single folder.

My query is that when my system crashes, I want the files to be retained. I hence want an expert to clarify my query and assist me what to do.

Thanks for the help.

Category: Storage

Please tell me how to install python matplotlib with cron. If you know of an online tutorial please leave a comment. If you can give some step by steps please algo leave a comment. Thanks!

Category: Storage

I got a free SD corruption recovery tool that is supposed to recover the files (photos, videos, etc) on an SD card. However, it does not work. I am not sure if it is a scam, or just a virus thing (hopefully  not). They have an offer where I can get it for $50 to make sure that all types of files can be recovered. And I think, it's a marketing strategy. So, I want to know if you know of a similar tool for free which can recover any file type, specially Word documents. If you do, please tell me a little review on it. 

Category: Storage

Please tell me how to make class register ms access way. Is there a template that can be used in MS Access that allows tracking of student attendance, to what class, and teacher? If so, where can I find them? Is it in the program itself or does it have to be downloaded?

Category: Storage

I still have the old iphone and I want to get a media player. Please tell me where to download player avi iphone 2g compatible. Not a lot of apps are released for the old iphone so here I am asking for your help. Please give me several suggestions where to get it. What's the best media player that I could have for the old iphone.

Category: Storage

Where is the Nokia N8 change country option?

I bought my Nokia in Dubai and I cannot seem to find this option.

Anybody here who has an N8?

Please tell me how, this is driving me crazy.

Also tell me how to change the language.

Category: Storage


I need to retrieve digital media from my storage device and computer on a specific network.

I also need to display them on my home theater system or television.

What specialized entertainment device do I need?

I would be glad for the answer to this.

Thanks a lot. 

Category: Storage


I want my desktop system to have a total hard drive space of 150 GB. What should I do? The problem is my system does not support drives that are larger than 132 GB. Any suggestion as to what I should do.

Thanks for the help.