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I am just trying to copy and save the files using sparse disk image but I am unable to perform this action. I just chose another disk image format and also tried to save the disk image to another volume but the error displayed on the screen. I am looking for assistance so please provide the best solution to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

Does not support the sparse bundle disk image format

The volume that you chose to save the disk image upon does not support the sparse bundle disk image format.

Please choose another disk image Or save the disk image to another volume.

Category: Storage

Hey everyone,

I have encountered a bug when loading table JavaScript.

When the table loads it will load very slowly or it will freeze and crash.

This happened out of the blue a few days ago and continues to happen on every instance.

What can I do to fix this?

Category: Storage

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a few example of projects in Java Cloud so I can attempt to understand the coding.

Will I be able to download it for free online?

If not could you help me by providing some examples?

Any assistance would be greatly welcomed, thank you.

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I wanted to create a backup image of the hard drive of my Desktop in the same way but when I try to do it I get this error message. Anyone know what the issue might be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Error #1722 – “The RPC server is unavailable. (0×FFF0) code = FFFFFFFF800706BA Tag = 0×BD28FDBD64EDB821”.


E00640068: Failed to create the scheduled task

Failed to create the scheduled task. Error #1722 – “The RPC server is

unavailable. (0×FFF0)

code = FFFFFFFF800706BA

Tag = 0×BD28FDBD64EDB821”.


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When I am using Backup Exec for Windows Server Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) the following message appears. Does anybody have any idea regarding this subject?

Error V-139-52224-100 Unable to connect to media Server.

DLO Desktop Agent

Error V-139-52224-100

Unable to connect to media Server.

Failed to load configuration settings.

Either you are not connected to the network or the Server is not

responding. DLO needs to be able to contact the Server to perform this


For additional information regarding this error, click here.


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I am having a problem in ejecting my USB device. What should I do to solve this error message? 

Problem Ejecting USB Storage Device

This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again.

I need your help guys!

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I use removable disk or USB in storing my important files, this also serve as my back up file for the reason that my laptop might be exposed in viruses coming from the internet.

However sometimes USB is also prone in viruses that's why it is not always helpful for data storage. 

Recently I am thinking of placing my files online somehow it is not prone to viruses where files are in good storage. 
Which do you prefer?
USB, Hard drive or online storage of files?
Or do you have any other suggestions? 
Category: Storage

I have learned that deleted email can be recovered. So I want to retrieve deleted emails free. But I think there is a problem. Usually deleting email does not get deleted forever. We can restore them. 

But I am looking for help about recovery emails those are deleted from trash folders too. Is there any solution. Actually I have deleted some emails forever in a argue but those were my memorable things. So please help me.

Category: Storage

Hello Friends,

I am a student, pursuing electronics. I take study materials from various web sites and blogs in the form of e books. I now want to store them in my computer as a single folder.

My query is that when my system crashes, I want the files to be retained. I hence want an expert to clarify my query and assist me what to do.

Thanks for the help.

Category: Storage

Please tell me how to install python matplotlib with cron. If you know of an online tutorial please leave a comment. If you can give some step by steps please algo leave a comment. Thanks!