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Good Day Guys!

I am looking for the downloadable Hard drive sentinel manual. Can anyone help me please? I want to use it to monitor my hard drives but I can’t find the manual to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I have two internal 500GB HDD in my Windows 7 desktop computer and one 500GB external Hard Disk.

Can anyone please tell me how to properly use this Hard Drive Sentinel to verify my hard drives. I also want to use this to repair my external hard disk. Please help me.

Thank you.

Category: Hard Drives

I am working on my research project and my computer crashed.

All my saved data and Microsoft search was saved there.

When I plug my hard drive to another laptop, it is not recognized.

How can I retrieve all my info on my hard drive?

Please suggest.

Category: Hard Drives

Hi expert, I need a help. How resize hard drive with PGP. My friend told about this. But he have not proper experience about it. If you know about this please give a proper ideas and send some helping tutorial explanations.

Category: Hard Drives

Hi expert, I need a help. What is the activity called low level hard disk format tool by ISO boot. Is there a specific tool to do above activity? If you know please tell about it. And send some helping tutorial explanations about that.

Category: Hard Drives

Hello guys I need help my HDD partition show unknown. I had a Desktop PC with 80GB HDD and Windows XP Pro. I purchased a new Desktop with Window 7 Operating System and disconnect the HDD from my old PC and connect with new Pc via IDE cable. Now problem is the HDD shows unknown partition and I cannot noting but delete partition. Please help I did not take backup and need all these data back.

Category: Hard Drives

Good day everyone!

My friend wants this advanced data recovery for my hard drive. And I don't know what's the process in recovering a certain data on the hard drives. So can anybody please help me in recovering my data. Thank You in advance.

Category: Hard Drives

I used to have linux and works with XFS data. I’m currently using windows, how do I work or can someone teach me the basics how to format xfs with windows without using linux on my computer. Data is on a partition which is inaccessible at this point. Help me out, thanks

Category: Hard Drives

Hi all,

I have an external hard drive WD before one week it crashed, I have very important data there.

Since then am trying to recover the data, but before that I had to format the drive so I did, now am using power data recovery after I buy the full version, first I did damaged partition recovery it took like 8 hours after that I did lost partition recovery, it starts in a good way, But keep stopping at some point, after that the power data recovery software stop, and I get a message you have to format your drive. Am really confused, seems I won't be able to restore anything, I hope someone here may help.

Category: Hard Drives


I need to backup my whole MAC as I bought it 3 days before. It is not a brand new MAC , slightly used by its previous user but it is a new version as compared to old one. Now I want to clone my older MAC to this MAC , can I use carbon copy clone for this ? And is carbon copy Cloner automatic ? Means I do not want to do manually anything.

Category: Hard Drives

Hello there!

There are lots of files that I need to transfer on my hard drive, specifically it is 10 GB.

Right now, I am using tera copy for it, but it is still very slow.

Do you know some other tool that will move files faster and secure.

Thank you very much!