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I have a Hitachi hard drive and I am looking for a Disk Manager that I can use for it. What can you recommend and please tell me the principal features of the Disk Manager and the summary of this product. Thanks. 

Category: Hard Drives

I want to make and upload Suse Linux VHD file on my system.

How can I do this?

What are the means needed to upload this?

How long it will take to upload on Mac PC?

Please send me a step-by-step guide on how to perform this. 

Category: Hard Drives

How secure can our files be when we get unlimited online storage space? I have been thinking of getting an unlimited online storage space as I've heard that it has no limit on storage space and is easily accessibility for someone who is mostly online? But the talk of files being secured is one main concern, will there be harm or a possibility that those online files will be shared without the owner's consent? 

Category: Hard Drives

Good Day Guys!

I am looking for the downloadable Hard drive sentinel manual. Can anyone help me please? I want to use it to monitor my hard drives but I can’t find the manual to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I have two internal 500GB HDD in my Windows 7 desktop computer and one 500GB external Hard Disk.

Can anyone please tell me how to properly use this Hard Drive Sentinel to verify my hard drives. I also want to use this to repair my external hard disk. Please help me.

Thank you.

Category: Hard Drives

I am working on my research project and my computer crashed.

All my saved data and Microsoft search was saved there.

When I plug my hard drive to another laptop, it is not recognized.

How can I retrieve all my info on my hard drive?

Please suggest.

Category: Hard Drives

Hi expert, I need a help. How resize hard drive with PGP. My friend told about this. But he have not proper experience about it. If you know about this please give a proper ideas and send some helping tutorial explanations.

Category: Hard Drives

Hi expert, I need a help. What is the activity called low level hard disk format tool by ISO boot. Is there a specific tool to do above activity? If you know please tell about it. And send some helping tutorial explanations about that.

Category: Hard Drives

Hello guys I need help my HDD partition show unknown. I had a Desktop PC with 80GB HDD and Windows XP Pro. I purchased a new Desktop with Window 7 Operating System and disconnect the HDD from my old PC and connect with new Pc via IDE cable. Now problem is the HDD shows unknown partition and I cannot noting but delete partition. Please help I did not take backup and need all these data back.

Category: Hard Drives

Good day everyone!

My friend wants this advanced data recovery for my hard drive. And I don't know what's the process in recovering a certain data on the hard drives. So can anybody please help me in recovering my data. Thank You in advance.

Category: Hard Drives

I used to have linux and works with XFS data. I’m currently using windows, how do I work or can someone teach me the basics how to format xfs with windows without using linux on my computer. Data is on a partition which is inaccessible at this point. Help me out, thanks