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When setting up the hard drive it is not reaching its full capacity and large portion is not detected.

What is the reason for it and please tell me how to solve my problem?

Category: Hard Drives

Hi there!

I bought a netbook last month and I noticed that the size of my netbook is just too small.

This is the reason why I'm planning to buy an external hard drive to store there some of my files.

What could be the largest storage space an external hard drive have?

I want to know this cause I'm intending to buy the largest one. Haha.

I would really appreciate your help.

Category: Hard Drives

My slave drive encountered problems lately. First I noticed that my boot time increased, then I file names became random characters, and worst, I could not save and view files in that drive anymore. I tried using it in Linux to see if it might be a virus, and also swapped IDE cables to see whether it might be my cable but the problem is still there. What can I do to fix this problem? Will still be able to recover files in it?

Category: Hard Drives

How can I merge to disk volumes into one without loosing any data?

Do I need to back it up before merging it?

Is there any tool to do that?

Category: Hard Drives

I have to transfer the contents of my hard drive to a bigger one. Do I need to use software for this? Do I need to create back up before the transfer?

Category: Hard Drives

I use my external hard drive to store files and movies. When attached to my hdmi player, I can see the titles of the folders and movies, but when I attach the drive to my computer to edit the files, I cannot see the folders. Why does this occur? How can I edit the files? 

Category: Hard Drives

I'm having trouble installing my CD-RW drive, it is not recognized.

I have been trying to install it for many times already, but same thing happens.

What is the proper solution for this?

Please help.


Category: Hard Drives

I am planning to make a partition in my computer's hard drive.

I searched the internet for the procedure, and I was confused by the word RAID.

What does RAID 0-4 means and how do I configure them?

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There has been a recent problem with my disk space. My pc got lots of space on it but it shows red and lots of space full in each drive in the my computer menu. I do not get it. I think know whether it is a virus or it has something to do with the hard disk. Kindly someone help me since there are many valuable files stored in my disk and I will be in serious trouble if some of them get damaged.

Howel Dinh

Category: Hard Drives

Hello there,

Please let me borrow some of your time. I just want somebody to ask these following questions.

What is the largest storage capacity of a hard drive today?

How much would this hardware costs?

Thank you so much!