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I use my external hard drive to store files and movies. When attached to my hdmi player, I can see the titles of the folders and movies, but when I attach the drive to my computer to edit the files, I cannot see the folders. Why does this occur? How can I edit the files? 

Category: Hard Drives

I'm having trouble installing my CD-RW drive, it is not recognized.

I have been trying to install it for many times already, but same thing happens.

What is the proper solution for this?

Please help.


Category: Hard Drives

I am planning to make a partition in my computer's hard drive.

I searched the internet for the procedure, and I was confused by the word RAID.

What does RAID 0-4 means and how do I configure them?

Category: Hard Drives


There has been a recent problem with my disk space. My pc got lots of space on it but it shows red and lots of space full in each drive in the my computer menu. I do not get it. I think know whether it is a virus or it has something to do with the hard disk. Kindly someone help me since there are many valuable files stored in my disk and I will be in serious trouble if some of them get damaged.

Howel Dinh

Category: Hard Drives

Hello there,

Please let me borrow some of your time. I just want somebody to ask these following questions.

What is the largest storage capacity of a hard drive today?

How much would this hardware costs?

Thank you so much!

Category: Hard Drives

Hello guys!

I don't have enough knowledge on using computers so I came here to ask your help.

How can I determine the internal memory of my harddisk?

Category: Hard Drives


I have a portable hard disk which I have purchased recently. I have connected it and my pc seems to be able to detect the device and the message has also shown as successfully installed. But now I cannot see the hard disk drive in my computer. I checked out the total memory but there is not sign of it. Please someone help me with this issue.

Jeremy Ngo

Category: Hard Drives

I'm wondering how this happen, I'm trying to format my USB but it is write protected, How can I remove it ?

Category: Hard Drives

Is there a possible way that I can recover my file that has been deleted on my USB device? Thank you in advance.

Category: Hard Drives

How often and how many time a hard drive should be formatted?

Is there chances or crashing if formatted too many times?