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Hello Techyv Experts,

I am using Windows 7 and my system is showing Disk Volume error, whenever I run system maintenance,

Is there any programs for fixing volume errors,

Please guide me.

Emma Marie

Hi Friends, I need to create a master collection of Dell Drivers, and is planning to burn dell drivers on a disk, please do the needful for getting me entire drivers collection, will it be able to get it online or do anyone have such a collection, please do the needful. Thanks

I guess you figured it out. I am in need of WinTech CD for Windows 7 download instructions. I need this software to remove some encryptions from the hard disk. The only problem I have encountered, is not finding the software anywhere online. Can you guys help me a bit here? Some instructions on how to download and install the program, in case it is something complicated.

The basic problem I have, is that I would like to upgrade my BIOS. The problem is, I don't know exactly how to back up the BIOS, so I require some instructions on how to copy files in BIOS so that later I would not lose something. My BIOS manufacturer is AMI, if it makes any difference. Can you please help me with this issue? Thank you in advance.

I needed a software to recover some files from several computers and I installed Pandora Recovery.

It was a little complicated but I got the job done.

The only thing I did not knew is a features of the software called Deep Surface Scan.

I recovered files, but I haven't used this features because I didn't knew its use.

Can you help me solve this problem and tell me what is Deep Surface Scan used for?

I would appreciate answers from people who used the software with this function.

I need a software for silent monitoring a remote computer in my network.

I want to watch all the activities done from that computer.

I don't know if this is possible, but in my network there is a remote computer, and I want to be able to record all the activities from the moment the user logs onto that computer.

Is this possible?

Can you help me with this, because I have never done this before and I need step by step instructions on this issue.

Thank you in advance Techyv.

I have a friend that is from India, and he asked me if I can provide him with a CPU repairing guide in Hindi because he doesn't understand the language very well.

I didn't know what to tell him, so I instantly came to you guys.

Do you know where I can find such guide or instructions?

Any help would be appreciated guys.

I was talking to some friend the other days, about computer, and one of them mentioned Extreme Power Supply Calculator Pro.

Now, I didn't knew anything about this software, so I've done some research, but still can't figure if it is good for a computer or not.

Can you please explain to me, what are its features, and if it is good.

Basically what does it do for my computer?

Hello Guys,

I am using Windows XP and is searching for a software to monitor CPU temperature, that can be available for free download,

Please suggest me any such software.

Thanks in Advance,

Mary Drapper

Hi All,

I need to know about alternative software as that of advanced PC Tweaker 2008 4.1, that offers the results oriented solutions for Windows users, allowing to repair problems, clean up drive space, manage backups and uninstalling applications that are not needed. Waiting to hear a perfect alternative.

Thank You,

April Rosas