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Dear Experts,

I need to clean up your RAM by deleting useless files, I got CCLeaner from my friend, I don’t know it's working,

Please do let me know about, how to use CCleaner to clean up the RAM and delete useless files.


Christopher L Keaton

I need to know how to use Slim Drivers that will help me to locate and install any drivers that is needed for me and will act as a driver update tool.

Also please provide me a download link towards Slim Drivers.

Hello Techyv Guys, I would like to know about where to download System Explorer and would like to more about its installation procedure. How can we Monitor and explore system processes with System Explorer. Please do the needful for providing a detailed reply. Thanks and Regards, Otis Hartwell

I downloaded the Recover My File software. However, it is asking for a license key even if I downloaded a free version. I desperately need the recovery file utility that would scan my missing files.  But the program requires s serial key to properly go to prove that I legitimately own the copy of Recover My Files software. How can I obtain the license key? I don’t have enough money to burn an official key.  I cannot afford to pay for it.  My work depends pretty much on my external and was lost.  If anyone could teach me how to do this it would be extremely grateful.  All I need now is your help to recover my file v4.6.6.  Thanks in advance for your generous support!

Which is the best Defragging tool that is available for free of cost.

Please do the needful for providing the tool name along with its provider/company name.

If it is possible to explain the working of the Tool along with a download link, that will be very useful.

I used to transfer large size of data to my pen drive in daily wise and feel like Windows is taking bit more time to copy the files.

My friend suggested me to use TeraCopy to copy and transfer files in faster mode within Windows.

Please advise on where to download it.

If there is any Quick review on this, that will be really helpful.

Hi, everybody! I would like to ask you a question. Is there any alienware software updater? I've heard just recently that Alienware has been able to release a software update which includes improved power management features. I don't have the leisure of time to check on the internet, that's why I would like to know if there are any mailing lists which I could subscribe on in order to be updated with my software. Please share those links with me. Thanks!

A virus can reduce the size that is available to a usb drive or usb stick. Bootice software can recover usb size to full original capacity. However I don't see why an ordinary windows format from disk management shouldn't be able to do that too, what is the difference?


I'm an article spinner. It's been a year that I've been doing this job, and online article spinning tools have become of great help to me. However, whenever I go to places without wifi, I cannot do my work. I would like to ask you guys... Is there any article spinning tools software that can be downloaded in the internet? Please share in those links with me. That would really help me with my job. Thanks in advance!