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I need Process Analyser for Windows 7 that should be simple to use application, which will verify all svchost instances for any errors. It should be suitable for all types of users, which will not have any complicated settings. Please suggest me the Process Analyser that will help me and have all the mentioned specification.

How to quickly restore or undelete Macrium image files, is there any utility for that, One of my friends suggested to use DiskRestore utility for quickly restoring Macrium reflect disk images. I am not that much aware of that utility, So please provide me further inputs on this, that will help me.

Hi everyone,

I want to know what command I can use for creating a BAT file for Sleep button. I know how to do the auto shutdown command but I am not really sure if it will work just the same. So which command I will use for simulating the Sleep button?

Many thanks for every help.

Hello everyone,

Actually, I am doing simple things like browsing the internet and making some paper works in my computer. There are times my PC is getting lags, when this happen I can’t tab out my current windows and when I click Alt Ctrl Del the pop up message was appeared and it says “Preparing security options” then a few seconds my PC back to its normal speed. I already upgraded my system unit and it is all brand new. It worked well in the first month after that it slow down. I used different software to protect my PC such as registry cleaner, disc cleaner, disk defragmenter, memory check and I’ve done volume error checks on both my HDDs. Please help me.

Hi Techyv users,

I have heard of Glary Utilities which is an application with a group of maintenance tools, Hope it will support in Windows XP system. Will it improve the computer's performance than that of other similar utilities, where an I get the bootable disk for Glary Utilities, Please guide.


Clarence K Dwyer

Hello Guys,

I have been using a free utility named Dependency Walker, that scans any 64 bit Windows module & builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules. It is very useful, for troubleshooting system errors related to executing modules. I need to know, whether there is any better similar utility or alternatives to Dependency Walker.

Please Guide,

George J Layton

Hello Techyv,

Gigabyte MCP61 driver in my system got crashed. I am unable to find Gigabyte MCP61 driver for Windows 7 in internet, please do the needful for getting me a downloadable link, if anyone knows where to get the mentioned driver.


Arthur W Adams

Hello Guys,

I brought new webcam named Genius eye 310 but the driver I found along with it, is not supported in Windows 7. Is that a problem with the driver. Please help me to find the Genius eye 310 drivers for Windows 7.


Anna W Brown

Hello Techyv,

I need drivers for Drivers for OptiPlex GX260, Where can I find Dell GX 260 all driver at one place. Please help me by providing a link towards it.

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I am using Flash Drive in my Mac OSX, I have accidently deleted a few important files, which I need to recover. Please suggest me a data recovery software flash drive that will work with Mac OSX