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Hi Friends,

This is one frustrating problem I’m having with Impulse. It will neither let me upgrade or uninstall Impulse. When I attempt to update it asks me to uninstall the older version and if I just choose Uninstall, it proceeds to uninstall but soon halts with the ’Error in XML Document’ error message shown in the below attachment. Now how can I proceed forward? I am at my wit’s end trying to find a solution for this issue. Did anyone else face issues similar to this? Please share your ideas. I’m all ears. Thanking everyone who spends their time on this issue.

There is an error in XML document (0,0).

Hi Everyone,

I got this error from Pro Tools a few days ago. Pro Tools wouldn’t start after this message is displayed and I had to force quit it. I am attaching a screen capture of the error received. I have absolutely no idea as to what caused this. All I know is Pro Tools was working fine two days back and now it doesn’t. I am running Pro Tools 9.0.6 and OS 10.8.5 on a Mac Book with iLok2. What caused this error? Did anyone encounter a similar issue before? Can somebody please tell me what could be done to rectify this error? I am counting on your suggestions to fix this problem. Please help. Thanking you for your valuable help.

Hi Friends,

I have been using Pro Tools for some time now and never had a problem with it. But today this hardware is not installed or is used by another program came as a surprise to me. The error message leaves me quite clueless as to what hardware Pro Tools is expecting. It only give an OK button which when clicked closes Pro Tools. I was running only Pro Tools 9 when this error was reported. Does anyone have ideas regarding the hardware that Pro Tools might be missing or any work around for this issue? I am running Mac OS 10.8.4. Thanks a lot for helping me out.


I have been unsuccessfully trying to register Total Uninstall Pro several times now. I found that my Total uninstall has got unregistered when I had completed installing ESET. I took this to be an error caused by a change in my Firefall settings I tried to register after uninstalling ESET. But I was not allowed to register with a registration failed error message .Then I deleted the program rule manually from firewall and tried to register I got another error message which said ‘The order is not valid’. What is causing this error? Can anyone help me to register Total Unistall, please? Thanks in advance.

Dear Friends,

I am attempting to create a backup of all my videos on a USB disk using Symantec System Recovery 2011. But I cannot save the backup settings because of an error generated by the API. It says that the backup settings could not be saved as the system cannot find the path specified when editing offsite settings. I chose to create SSR Disk on USB in the Create Symantec System Recovery Disk panel and selected this USB from a list of available devices. Then why does it give me path cannot be found error when editing? Do you anyone have any ideas? I am waiting for you to share your ideas on this issue. Regards


I have Windows 7 PC, 64bit with 8GB or RAM. I downloaded Symantec System Recovery 2013 and was trying to install on my machine. While it was trying to install and moved on to progress menu, it throws up an Install Error saying Fatal Error: Error 1402. Could not open key:” Not sure what this error means. I am reluctant to play around with the Registry. Is there any tool that I can use to fix this error? Please help. Thanks.

Fatal Error: Error 1402. Could not open key:


You have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.

I am using Windows Vista, in which Administrator user is disabled by default using some user account hiding utility, I don't remember the utility that I used to disable. If I need to go to Administrator login, how to do, Is there any way to enable Administrator login using any command line tool. Please advice, whether there is any quick enable / disable option for the Administrator account.

I am using Surface Pro with Windows 8 environment. Last week, suddenly my surface pro got stuck and now it cannot get past the security BIOS and into Windows. Moreover, when I tried to check if I can reboot, it is not displaying any devices at all ! Please tell me what happened to my system all of a sudden and how can I correct all this? How possibly can I boot my system now?

Hi there,

I recently downloaded Auslogics Duplicate file finder and used the application to sort my media files, all was well until I decided to delete the multiple file to leave only one, when I started my computer today (HP Pavilion running on Windows 8.1 ) my media folders were empty, what could have gone wrong since I only deleted the duplicates only? How can I resolve this problem?

I need Process Analyser for Windows 7 that should be simple to use application, which will verify all svchost instances for any errors. It should be suitable for all types of users, which will not have any complicated settings. Please suggest me the Process Analyser that will help me and have all the mentioned specification.