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Which is the best SFTP for Windows not on paper but in terms of usage? What are the pros and cons of the CoreFTP server?

Which is the best remote access software for Windows? Do I need a remote access software? What is the use of a remote access software?

I want a point-of-sale system for my small restaurant. Which is the best POS system for small restaurant in the market? What are the benefits of a POS system?

My PC is too slow, and hence I want to upgrade my RAM to 8GB. Can anyone suggest me thebest place to buy PC parts?

I am facing some technical issues with my PC, and it needs to be repaired. Can someone suggest me any best place for computer repair?

What are PC tune up utilities? Where can I find the best PC tune up software free to download? What is the use of the PC tune-up utilities?

Dell have unique serial number also known as Dell Service tag. How to locate Dell System Service tag on your Dell pc/tablet/laptop manually using command prompt?

Which is the best free fax app for PC? What are the features in the Smart Fax? What are the exclusive components in the Smart Fax?

I have downloaded RDP for Windows 7. RDP stands for Remote Desktop.I want to enable it? Do I want to know how we can enable it to step by step?

How can we connect two PCs from Remote Utilities, which is touted as the best remote desktop support software?How many PCs can I control from the Remote Utilities?