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It is a software which is used to read the pdf files. Now the problem is, when I open any pdf file through Foxit Reader, it opens that file normally, but when I run the Foxit Reader.exe it shows it is unable to open, and shows an app-crash message. What could be the possible reason behind this issue. I am using Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit . 

While working on a text file and saving it later in Documents, I accidentally deleted that file and now I want it back, is there any way to recover that data? Where does the permanently deleted data go actually? I am using Windows 8.1 currently. Suggest any free software to recover lost files.

I was wondering if there was any device that would enable a blind person to know what is written in a printed text using any type of text to speech conversion. If there is such a device how does it work? Does it use a camera or scanner to get the text or any other way? Is such an app available for smartphones?

Hi guys, I want to make or design a Wikipedia gadget for my website which is based on various informative help a user can find.So I thought this gadget will suit my needs to add more into my website.But the problem is I don't know that creating Wikipedia gadget in html is possible or .Please answer me


While I am in the middle of FUSEL installation, I ended up with an error message. The download went successful without any problem and I did that from the licensed website. Do I need to configure anything before installation? I am not aware of any configuration please explain me. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

FUSELauncher.exe – Configuration parser error

Error parsing


Parser returned error 0Xc00CE556.


I have installed on my PC Grand Theft Auto IV and when I want to play the game this error appears. I did some researches on the Internet and I tried some of their solution but nothing worked. A friend of mine recommended this website and I would like to get some help from you. Please can anyone help me to fix this error? What could cause this one?

Thanks experts!

Exception EFCreateError in module DSOUND.dll at 000116C5.

Cannot create file “C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV – Episodes from Liberty City\asilog.txt”. Access is denied.

Hi there,

After I installed some software on my PC and rebooted the system I got this error. I pressed OK and everything is fine. The problem is that I have this error every time I open my PC. I have copied the DLL in my Windows folder and still, I even uninstalled the game and still the error popped-up. What is this DLL error? How can I solve this?

Thank you!

rstrui.exe - OrdinaI Not Found

The ordinaI 481 could not be located in the dynamic link library Iertutil.dll


Hi there,

This is my first error after I updated my Windows 7 (x86). After update I ran a DLL fixer so I can be sure that nothing is missing. It seems like something is missing, this DLL file. I have installed the DLL file manually and I still didn’t get rid of this error. Can anyone help me to fix this error without reinstalling my Visual Studio? Or my Windows 7 please?

Thank you!

Microsoft Visual Studio

A reference to ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Compact


This morning when I opened my PC this error popped-up. I made some search but I found nothing, I tried to search for the missing DLL file but nothing found. The problem is that I have this error every time I open my PC. Can anyone please tell me how can I fix this? Why I have this error?


I1Profiler.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point kXRDeviceCommandBeginCalibrate could not be located in the dynamic link library XRiteDevice.dll.


Hello experts,

Accidently my system is crashed, so I used the Symantec System Recovery to recover the data. When I attempt to create a recovery disk using the Symantec recovery I ended up with an error message. I need help very badly, its urgent too. I don’t understand the problem and error message. So please guide me to fix the error. Your help is great. Thanks.

Error creating the custom recovery environment.