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In this digital era, most of the people work on computers. It is a mere waste of time to get up from our desk just to reply, and it is even important to reply to our fellows. So how can I get my text messages on my computer?

SWOT is very popular in the business world for employees and even for the employer. Which are some of the ways to represent it? Name some free SWOT analysis template ppt?

I have to scan some business documents. I want to convert them to PDF file and want to do some changes. What is some free software for scanning documents?

What is Google ad services pagead aclk? What is its latest update and did it affect the Google Analytics? And, why does Google change this service every time?

Hi guys! I am building my new gaming kit and stuck up in confusion about which surge protector to buy? Please help me to sort through a wide range of prices and features to buy a good surge protector for PC!

I have a Dell XPS 420 computer with 1 GB of RAM. Since, I work in IT Company, my computer needs to do multitask and run many applications simultaneously. So, I need at least 8 GB of RAM in my laptop. Is it possible to do Dell XPS 420 RAM upgrade?


I want to install the fax programs for Windows 8. What are the steps for the installation? I have no idea about the concept so it will be great if you could help me with the same. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I am a Windows user. I would like to know the steps to install the ADP pc payroll for windows. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I would like to know about the software of the domain helpdesk ticketing system open source and their features. Please mention their advantages and disadvantages as well if any. Thanks in advance.


What is the DYMO Label Writer 400 turbo manual? Is it possible to print to a shared printer over the network? If yes, then what are the steps? Also, what are the steps to share the printer over the network in Windows XP? Thanks in advance.