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I've installed CPU-Z on my tablet and it is running fine. But I don't think that it is showing the correct info. It says that my CPU usage is 12% even though it is ideal. After sometime, it again hits 100% and comes down to 12%. Remember that this all happens when the tablet is in ideal condition. What's wrong with my tablet or is it CPU-Z which is showing  the wrong information?

I have an online malware scan tool that identified a certain malware running on my browser, all attempts to scan the system using an antivirus have proved not helpful. How can I remove this malware? It keeps on injecting onto my browser while accessing the internet and I get pop ups that I have visited an infected site.

Hi guys, i recently installed Google sketchup 2014 pro in linux ubuntu 14.04 and i wanted to access the plugins warehouse to install a plugin but it seems like every time it loads up it opens a link on my default browser to the extensions / plugins site. How can i make it load in the extension window and not the browser

Hello guys, i wanted to integrate pygame in a screenlet application (ubuntu linux 14.10) such that i can use the pygame window in a screenlet from which i can easily develop simple games using screenlet on my desktop and play them when i hover my mouse on the screenlet area

Hi i am a newbie in Linux os from windows os and i was looking for a software in Linux os that i can use to manage computers connected to a domain as in add users, delete user, set some rights and policies for the domain among other domain settings 

Hello! I have an application with database which works perfectly when doesn't have big list of products, but when we add more the system starts to slow down. I need an application to check how processes of our database affect CPU and RAM because we will increase the list of products and I need the application to work really fast, so if you know some utilities like that, please share.

Why is my TeamViewer remote access control software not working after upgrade? I recently upgrade my TeamViewer remote access software to version 10 from version 9.0.32494, but to my surprise, the remote access software stop from working. I have checked the network and it seem to be okay. How can I fix this problem?

What are the advantages of converting NTFS to FAT? Have a client that said I should convert its files in NTFS to FAT and I know that the FAT file system are really unstable. This request of his get me confused while he want to leave stable NTFS to unstable FAT.

How can I convert FAT formatted drive to NTFS without loss of data? I have a large drive that was formatted in FAT which is v unstable and now I want to convert it to the stable NTFS file system without me losing any of my data in the FAT drive. What tools are available for this task? I don’t want to use window convert command because of data loss.

What is the difference between cloning and Imaging a Hard Drive? I want to back up my Hard Drive so that in case of an accident, I can quickly retrieve my documents and files but choosing the best approach is far from easy. When do I use cloning or when do I use imaging? What are the pros and cons of the two?